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Randy Titony
Prostate Cancer is the #1 Cancer in Men!
5 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Salmon
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Relationship between funding source and conclusion ... [PLoS Med. 2007] - PubMed - NCBI
Diet High in Meat Proteins Raises Cancer Risk for Middle-Aged People - Scientific American
Preop. Physical Therapy Results in Reduction in Postop. Care for Patients Undergoing Hip, Knee Replacement
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CDC Confirms Patient In Dallas Has The Ebola Virus « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
5 Surprising Facts That Will Finally Convince You To Give Up Soda via @HealthyLiving
Bronx Cardiologist Prescribes #PlantBased Diet to Improve Your Heart and Sex Life via @DNAinfo
Don't take diet advice from someone who doesn't have the health that you desire.
"I make no money by trying to get you to eat broccoli over a steak" T. Colin Campbell, PhD
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If you think you need cow's milk to build strong bones, get the facts!
Healthy lifestyle choices may dramatically reduce risk of heart attack in men.
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"Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one has thought." Albert Szent-Gyorgi
7 Signs and Symptoms You May Have a Vitamin D Deficiency
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Adrian Peterson Barred as Vikings Reverse Course
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Today I celebrate 2 years #PlantBased. "Eat Like You Give A Damn"