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The Grin Big Packers
Jim Harbaugh always looks like a dad who lost his family in the mall.
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When is Hallmark going to release a line of "Sorry about your Cowboys losing" cards? I'm tired of saying it every year.
[tucking little kid in] Well, honey, sometimes the karate man's leg just breaks, and its horrifying. I doubt I'll sleep either. G'night.
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Hey Bears Fans, you lost. Just McCown it.
Hey Bears Fans, what are you wearing to the playoffs? Oops. Never mind.
"I could've done THAT." ~Lovie Smith
Oh you have bad knees and can't run on hard surfaces? Have you tried running on the Bears?
BREAKING: Jay Cutler throws tantrum at halftime, but it gets intercepted and returned for 6.
I'm glad Jay Cutler is healthy and rested. The Packers really need him.
I know I've said this before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but, "SHUT UP, TROY."
Playoff spot up for grabs. We're lookin to Steeler.
Other teams trying to take the Packers' playoff spot? We could Quarless.
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