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Tameka Harris
Huge shout out to my friend @TinyMajorMama thanks to her and the team for sending my drink. They…
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At the #iheartradio show..Why Baby went so hard on this song tho! Guess cause he is the KING…
Here's me as my character ShaRonda the directed #DeonTaylor & one of the producers #DerekDudley of the…
#TBT mariahcarey @TinyMajorMama,Latocha Scott, & I. Back when we were doing the backgrounds on…
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Yas! Had to post this my wall @AriseTV360 thx for inviting me!! 👑🙌
Yas had to post this pic..Love my wall on @AriseTV360 Thx for inviting me!!👑🙌
On the set with this great cast & crew of Meet The Blacks movie The beautiful
@TamarBraxtonHer just #verified that @Tip & @TinyMajorMama are A OK so stop the rumors they fine we all have hiccups makes u appreciate Love
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Today is the day....U guys got y'all Paperwork yet??? troubleman31 👑😋�
#WendyonBET: @TinyMajorMama joins Wendy to dish about her new reality show #WeaveTrip!
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Would Love to have a day to chill wit @ThatShekinah and @TinyMajorMama These ladies are the funniest,coolest,realist women
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Stfu so what @Tip @TinyMajorMama ain't film together.every couple goes through shit!! Only the strong survive the bs #FamilyHustle
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"The secret to a good marriage is to find more reasons to stay together then to be a part." - @Tip on his marriage to @TinyMajorMama
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You don't wanna miss me & my best buddy thatshekinah tonight on our new show #theweavetrip if u…
Follow @TinysTequila on here and IG for updates about my new tequila! #TinysTequila #LadiesNightOut
My baby LuvBug major_harris_boss is finally in the pool water with the help of his big brother…
On my second look of the day headed to @AriseTV360 don't miss my interview. @ShunMelson don't…
It's about that time guys...if you haven't already preorder your copy of troubleman31 album Paperwork!…
Had an amazing time with thatshekinah at the wendyshow s/o to my glam @ShunMelson styling thatshekinah…
We on wendyshow right now on fox5 NY👑�
Don't miss me & my best buddy thatshekinah on wendyshow always a fun time with Wendy👑�
I gotta post my crazy assss buddy thatshekinah she so serious about this Ebola..she was wiping our…
Be sure to follow @TinysTequila on FB, Twitter and IG for updates about events and where to but #TinysTequila.
Living Life with my 1st💙💙@Star_OMGomg &am@itswoswo #Tunusianusia 😜 Can't wait to see my
Finally got to ride a camel!! Trying to make the best of my trip! Ready to get bck to my♥️tho! 👑�
Ok my video sucks but here it goes!! Me & @Star_OMG & @itswo #Tunusia Africa 👑💙
Put that Angel down cause it got tainted! This symbolizes my Still born daughter Leiah! Thx to my…
Missing my life right now!! He took this pic for his mommy that's all the way in Tunisia... My…
Missing my life right now!! He took this pic for his mommy all that's all the way in Tunisia... My…
Yas we making moves!! Check me out! Tiny Tequila gets yours online
@Vevo: RT @VevoFlow: .@TinyMajorMama aka Tameka Harris answers your questions from Twitter in a new #VevoASKREPLY:
I hate I'm missing the #bethiphopawards & me & @smoss hosting the green carpet!! How was it??
@TinyMajorMama come on @VH1 I need to see my lady tiny on more showss love her 😍😍😍 🇬🇧loveage always #BringBackTinyTonightnyTonight
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@Only1Jeanne: @TinyMajorMama when r we gonna get some more of #TinyTonight ???” Hmm I'm wondering too @VH1
Tonight! Yes tonight everyone tune into @BET and watch my girl @TinyMajorMama and Shad Moss host the green carpet at 7. #BetHipHopAwards
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Don't forget you can order your own bottle of Tiny's Tequila online at & thanks…
Watch @TinyMajorMama + @smoss HOSTING #HIPHOPAWARDS PRE- SHOW (starting tmrw at 7P|6c)
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@BolaBettyBoop: 😂�@TinyMajorMamama you and Shekinah got me screaming over here”lol Im out of the states & can't even see the show