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Roger Erik Tinch
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Suge Knight was shot six times early this morning. His response: “I asked the bartender for six shots, but this is friggin ridiculous!”
JARHEAD is a highly underrated and misunderstood film, you guys.
(Pssssst. Hey. Everyone. Following @ridley_daisy right now is the twitter equivalent of buying Apple stock in 1997)
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A lot of people don't know that Tom Green started his career as a rapper. A damn good one. Check it.…
Long walk, short pier. #river @ Las Vegas Boat Harbor & Lake Mead Marina
Here fishy, fishy. #lilah @ Las Vegas Boat Harbor & Lake Mead Marina
Anyone have a @mailbox betacoin they’d be kind enough to impart to me?
If I loved the first SIN CITY film will I love this newest one?
Yesterday @elonmusk was testing rockets for the space transport company he founded. Yesterday I watched two episodes of Catfish.
“Kung fu is a different karate.” #shitmysonsays
After His Public Downfall, Frank Miller Of 'Sin City' Fame Is Back (And Not Sorry) (@louchelarue - @WIRED)
Frank Miller’s Dark Night: A close look at the complicated career of the visionary (@PAPPADEMAS - @Grantland33)
How Comedy Central became one of TV's best networks in just under two years (@vox)
What I look like every morning, huzzah! RT @MakingOfs: Pan's Labyrinth. Fauna having breakfast.
“I am writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher. Above all, I am a man, a hopelessly inquisitive man just like you.”
Wow, Frank Miller got old all of a sudden. Is he ok?
I’ve seen my fair share of horror movies, but the surgery scenes in @AtTheKnick make me queasy.
Holy crap: "The Breakfast Club" Airs Clip of Floyd Mayweather Struggling to Read (@Complex_Sports)
Come on, we’re in an ice cube drought, you guys.
Lorne Again: Taking stock of the #SNL paterfamilias, stronger than ever at 70 (@JimMiller - @grantland)
Well, that’s just dandy: Al-Qaeda publication lists Las Vegas as terror target (@FOX5Vegas)
Ok, now I'm intrigued: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love STAR WARS Again (@devincf - @badassdigest)
Making sure you know that Kevin Sorbo once yelled a parenthetical script note while shooting Hercules & it made air:
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Mark Romanek on Directing Taylor Swift’s New Video ‘Shake It Off’ (@vulture)
Don't mess w/ half of Black Star: Watch Don Lemon's Ferguson Talib Kweli Interview Go Horribly Wrong (@Gawker)
Cannot wait for this: @MondoConAustin 2014: Panels, Screenings, Exclusives and More! (@MondoNews)
His inspirations are Bunuel and Fassbinder. His actors are homeless friends. GIUSEPPE MAKES A MOVIE trailer:
AMC Backlash: Budget Squeezing, Producer "Bake-Offs" and Post-'Breaking Bad' Challenges (@THR)
Buy THE FADE OUT #1 because it's a good comic, and also @devincf was published in it!
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Sounds good, sweetie. RT @JamesFrancoTV: Babe, let's go to bed, I'm tired.
This @markromanek guy really knows how to direct a music vid, huh? Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
1 year ago today this lil' nugget came into our life. Happy Birthday Lilah!…
You get a tear gas! You get a tear gas! You get a tear gas! Everybody gets a tear gas! #Ferguson
I Came Out a Believer: The Magical L.A. of 'Nathan For You' (@mollylambert - @grantland)
I think I'm in Trouble w/ the Guilty Remnant. #theleftovers
David Fincher: A Film Title Retrospective (@ArtoftheTitle)
Career lessons from Guardians of the Galaxy @JamesGunn (@FastCoCreate)
This will be a historic photo RT @manofsteele: Nice Night 4 A Revolution..#Ferguson @stltoday photog @twitjb
Breaking News: Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times
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Sam’s Meat Market & Liquor is getting the worst integrated ad placement right now.
I got tear-gassed good. Cop grabs me, drags me to truck and hands me water. "You media??" "YES" "hahahahaha Welcome to Ferguson!"
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Plural form of LEGO is LEGO. Fact check much? MT @CNN: Thieves turn Legos into hard cash
Why Marvel wants the X-Men to fail (@alex_abads - @vox)