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Roger Erik Tinch
filmmovies 893,050 followers
Meet Steve Hibbert, the Gimp From PULP FICTION (@vulture)
See you tomorrow @sethmeyers. Tonight, sleep well, my sweet price.
“Hot Chicks, Cool Cars and Low Angles” should be the name of Michael Bay’s autobiography.
Had a similar freak out in my early 20s when I found out that @Rodriguez was 24 when he made EL MARIACHI
Damn, had high hopes for FURY.
This our startup culture at work, you guys: Dropbox Dudes Tried to Kick Children Off a Soccer Field (@Valleywag)
Going to underground bunker; see you in 2030: Plane quarantined at Las Vegas airport after Ebola scare (@LasVegasSun)…
On the bright side, maybe we won’t obsess about box office numbers so much.
I might give this another go: Holy Shit, AGENTS OF SHIELD Got Good In Season Two (@devincf - @badassdigest)
Cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth talks #GoneGirl, film, digital and a career with David Fincher (@HitFix)
Rated R: “Welcome back.” Will Smith: “Good to be back.” Rated R: “Ready to make that paper?” Will Smith: “Hell gyeah.”
Weekend trip got cancelled at the last minute. Now we’re seeing @LateNightSeth at @Cosmopolitan_LV on Saturday! Who else is going?
Love this film RT @OnePerfectShot: DOGVILLE (2003) Director of Photography: Anthony Dod Mantle | Dir: Lars von Trier
Any one know if seating #s at @Cosmopolitan_LV’s The Chesley start from the inner aisle or outer aisle? Are seats 1 and 2 in the center?
The Real and Incomplete Movies of Joe Carnahan (@misterpatches - @Grantland33)
My son and I laying in bed while looking at our iDevices and eating Airheads. Life is good.
Has @NY_Comic_Con always been this big? Seems like I’m hearing much more about it this year then previous. #NYCC
The @drafthousefilms bundle is so awesome! $10 for MS 45, A BAND CALLED DEATH, THE VISITOR, FINAL MEMBER, and THE DOG…
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Ok @BradBirdA113, I'm in: TOMORROWLAND - US Teaser Trailer
Just finished watching this amazing show; great news: Amazon Orders Second Season of #TransparentTV (@THR)
This is not meant to be belittling in any way, but @jayduplass is just so damn adorable on #TransparentTV. Amiright?
Let this brighten your day: I smell like beef.…
Can we please stop typecasting Sharlto Copley as the villain, you guys?
Had a blast doing this @Pharrell video with Daft Punk. Glad you are enjoying 'GUST OF WIND'.…
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You on point Phife?
Anyone know who’s behind the website? Love it.
Inside #GoneGirl: 5 Ways the Cinematography Shaped the Film (@WSJ)
An engrossing and terrifying #longread: The Plane That Fell From the Sky…
Just found out that hating on #Homeland’s main title sequence was a thing.
Six more months of GONE GIRL thinkpieces, everyone!
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But, yes, save for the last five minutes #GoneGirl is a masterpiece.
A doc worth checking out: 'Harmontown' Director Neil Berkeley on When Things Got Tense (@lizlet - @indiewire)
My sexy date from last night. I got to take her home.
There was an insert shot in #GoneGirl of Pike’s hand scratching her leg. Nothing else made of it. Still trying to figure that out.
Needless to say that Fincher’s use of the fade out in GONE GIRL is masterful; he creates a lot of narrative propulsion.
Going gone, finally. #GoneGirl (@ Century 16 Suncoast for Gone Girl in Las Vegas, NV)
Date night. Thanks for babysitting @MikeDoria! (@ Hokaido Japanese Cuisine in Las Vegas, NV)
“I loved your TED Talk on rape culture and breastfeeding.” #Transparent
I want to go to there: A visit to the '75 years of Batman' exhibit at the Warner Bros. museum
Stop. Hammer Time!
Now just waiting for the aftershocks…
Anyone else in Vegas feel the Earth shake just now?
Troll or not to troll. (@ Regal Red Rock Stadium 16 & IMAX - @RegalMovies for The Boxtrolls in Las Vegas, NV)
Pharrell Williams + Daft Punk + @edgarwright = Gust of Wind (Teaser)
Ben Affleck says we’re not going to get Ebola; so calm down, you guys.