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Roger Erik Tinch
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I love @TwitchFilmTodd, but I cannot get behind his anti-BitTorrent stance. #FantasticDebates #FantasticFest
Fantastic Debates is getting real (and reel). #FantasticFest (@ Randy Palmer's South Austin Gym in Austin, TX)…
The Tori Meshi is life-changing. #FantasticFest (@ East Side King in Austin, TX)…
Whew, the @MondoNews Beer is 13% ABV. I’m seeing stars. #MondoCon #daydrunk
#MondoCon (@ The Marchesa Hall & Theatre in Austin, TX)…
“Having kids does wonders for your sex life.” -Nicolas Winding Refn #FantasticFest
“Well, it’s a masterpiece.” -Nicolas Winding Refn on ONLY GOD FORGIVES (dry humor) #FantasticFest
#FantasticFest Movie #6: MY LIFE DIRECTED BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar)…
Just perfect: TUSK Movie Review - Another Piece Of Shit From Kevin Smith (@devincf - @badassdigest) #FantasticFest
Nicolas Winding Refn and his wife Liv Corfixen on the #FantasticFest red carpet.
Love this man: David Fincher Talks Boxed Heads, “Silliness” Of Movies & Breaking Rules At BAFTA Event (@Deadline )
Some red carpet arrival photos for JOHN WICK at #FantasticFest. Keanu, directors and more.
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#FantasticFest movie #5: FREE FALL (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar in Austin, TX w/ @johnHlang)…
#FantasticFest Movie #4: Miike's newest OVER YOUR DEAD BODY (KUIME) (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar)…
Movie #3: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: THE WILD, UNTOLD STORY OF CANNON FILMS #FantasticFest (at @drafthouse in Austin, TX)…
Geared up last night for the most epic food fight. #FantasticFest
All I know is that I have the tomato throwing accuracy of a sniper. Confirmed kills: @timalamo,@devincf, and @alamogreg. #FantasticFest
Now I just need to explain to my wife why I have dried mashed potatoes on my shoes. #FantasticFest
World record for number of people doing a Q&A? #FantasticFest
The last segment of ABCs OF DEATH is sick on a whole ‘nother level. I loved it. #FantasticFest
“I’m an actor fan, I’m not a filmmaker.” -Kevin Smith #FantasticFest
“I’m in a rubber phase of my career.” -Kevin Smith #FantasticFest
“Latex doesn’t breathe, as I’m sure your penises know.” -Justin Long #FantasticFest
“Thursday night screenings are usually for Marvel movies so I’m feeling pretty awesome right now.” -Kevin Smith #FantasticFest
TUSK Q&A with Tim League, Kevin Smith and Justin Long. #FantasticFest
“Thanks to you all I haven’t had to work at that f*cking convenience store again.” -Kevin Smith #FantasticFest
Opening night film TUSK is seating. #FantasticFest begins! (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar in Austin, TX)…
WHOA!? What the!? Cool Soundtrack Specialists Mondo and Death Waltz Unite (@pitchfork)
The most underrated Wu song and RZA production. His best IMHO. #NowPlaying
The BATMAN/STAR WARS Social Media War Is A Goddamn Delight (@devincf - @badassdigest)
I could listen to hours of @GregFitzShow and @GibbonsTime just talking. Funny and painfully honest gents.…
Pumped to be the official car sponsor of #FantasticFest kicking off today in Austin, TX at the @drafthouse
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Human BBQ, Beer Showers, Great Movies: The #FantasticFest Oral History (@erickohn - @indiewire)
I may need to build an Ark to get out of here. 🚣#FantasticFestt
Chaos Rains! No, seriously, it’s raining. #FantasticFest
@tinch Despite most drivers earning min wage after tax/expenses, @Uber does not believe in tipping & doesn't allow in app. Thx for trying.
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I thought I could tip my Uber driver via the app? Now I feel bad.
Just took an Uber to my Airbnb. Five years ago the sentence above would’ve put me in a loony bin. #FantasticFest
OH: Paging Mr. Frank Fershizzle. #FantasticFest (@ Denver International Airport (DEN) - @DENAirport in Denver, CO)…
My boss. I’m lucky. RT @timalamo: Dear God, what have I done? #Pain #Humiliation #FantasticFest