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Roger Erik Tinch
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All hail the Dark Lord of the Twin Moons!
My new addiction: @donhertzfeldt's Couch Gag for The Simpsons (@ArtoftheTitle)
It used to be so easy to share to @buffer from @instapaper but the recent iOS 8 update makes it impossible.
Why I love movies: Inherent Vice TRAILER 1 (2014)…
Inside the beautiful and ruthless world of @MondoNews poster collecting (@dailydot)
“Shoot at you actors like movie directors!” -@S_C_
Watch Jake Gyllenhaal in the official trailer for #NightcrawlerMovie and see it in theaters October 31st.…
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Is there no way we can bring Don Pardo back? #SNL
I really should’ve hugged more people. #FantasticFest #socialanxiety
Apparently my #FantasticFest detox includes drinking Cosmopolitans on a Saturday night. I blame @libguru.
Why Saturday Night Live writers lean on Kenan Thompson (@BTuckertime - @Slate)…
Checked out Ello. More like Oodbye! Am I right, fellas? But seriously, did you know there are seven active genocides right now?
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Flight to Vegas on a Friday night is probably the worst, right?
Hello Denver. Goodbye Denver! (@ Denver International Airport (DEN) - @DENAirport in Denver, CO)
Pynchon’s Cameo, and Other Surrealities - Paul Thomas Anderson Films ‘Inherent Vice’ (@nytimes)
Thanks for the amazing hospitality Austin. See you next year! #FantasticFest (at @AUStinAirport in Austin, TX)
Last lunch in Austin :( (@ Maria's Taco Xpress in Austin, TX)
“L.A. news is like Kabuki Theater.” -Dan Gilroy #NightcrawlerMovie #FantasticFest
“It’s death to write a ‘message’ movie.” -Dan Gilroy #NightcrawlerMovie #FantasticFest
“We approached it as a success story.” -Dan Gilroy on #NightcrawlerMovie #FantasticFest
Last #FantasticFest movie: NIGHTCRAWLER (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar in Austin, TX)…
ALERT! Closing Night Party Is Back At South Lamar Tonight… #FantasticFest via @fantasticfest
Genius hacker that looks like Chris Hemsworth? Come on Hollywood!
昨日ご覧になられた方も多いのではないでしょうか?SMAPxSMAP。キムタクさんとゴローちゃんがダブルSARUかましてくれました!!感激です!! #santastic! #saru
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Gonna take a while to recover from THE TRIBE. It folded my soul in half and threw it at the wall. #FantasticFest
#FantasticFest movie #16: THE TRIBE. Cannot wait! (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar in Austin, TX)…
Had a dream last night that I was rooming with the Coen brothers. #FantasticFest fever is finally getting to me.
So anyone I haven’t met in person yet, will I be seeing you at Karaoke Apocalypse? #FantasticFest
ESPN should be placed on suspension. #TeamBillSimmons
DETAILS ON TOMORROW'S CLOSING NIGHT PARTY! It's going to be crazy. It will not be sane. Get the scoop:… #FantasticFest
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#FantasticFest movie #13: FELT (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar in Austin, TX)…
Best thing about #FantasticFest is that the men’s room always has a line but the woman’s is always available.
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IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE is definitely my favorite of #FantasticFest so far. Black comedy set against white snow and dark blood.
#FantasticFest movie #12: MASTER PANCAKE: DR. MOREAU (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar in Austin, TX)…
#FantasticFest movie #11: Secret Screening of ? (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar in Austin, TX)…
#FantasticFest movie #10: EVERLY (@ Alamo @drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar in Austin, TX)…
The SwiftKey keyboard on iOS 8 is the most amazing thing, you guys!
The greatest: Kevin Spacey impersonates Al Pacino in front of Al Pacino (Video)…
First tweet using my new iPhone 6 Plus. My fingers hurt.
#FantasticFest @kumailn and I will be doing a @meltdown_show at 7pm tomorrow! free & non badge holders will get in
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Word on the #FantasticFest street is that the Wachowskis are here.
WOW, that was quick: Apple Plans To Shut Down Beats Music (@TechCrunch)… via