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Roger Erik Tinch
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“Paul and Phil, Paul and Phil, Paul and Phil.” #SNL
Fireball Whiskey milkshake c/o @leanntinch.
SCOTT PILGRIM is one of the few things that stops my channel surfing and I watch till the end. Love that movie. Thanks @edgarwright!
The Assassination of Jesse James cast in a picture taken by an 125 year old camera: #vintage
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If somebody wants to share one of their @inboxbygmail invites with me I’d be your best friend forever.
We're civilized now: Las Vegas, Uber is Betting on You (@Uber)
Wow, what the hell is going on out there?
Whoah. @reelizer's movie art collection will keep your eyeballs busy. Like this beautiful @UpstreamColor poster…
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Support @reelizer by pre-ordering the new @Criterion Designs book using this special link
Run The Jewels 2 ain’t no joke.
Giving it a whirl. Use this invite in Rooms to see Birth.Movies.Death. Need the app? Get it
Not beautiful: American Cream removed from Life Is Beautiful lineup one day before the festival (@lasvegasweekly)…
BREAKING: New York Ebola doctor visited five thousand babies, led parade down Fifth Avenue, had coffee with your parents
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Seeing a lot of hate in NYC tweets for a man who risked his life to save others. Humanity is sad.
Good to know Bellevue Hospital had a step-and-repeat ready at the last minute.
But which BOWLING ALLEY?!?!?
Mind. Blown: How Building a Black Hole for INTERSTELLAR Led to an Amazing Scientific Discovery (@WIRED)
Hooray! RT @buffer: New: Share to Buffer Without Ever Leaving Your Favorite Apps:
Some of these cut deep, he must have a great sense of humor: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Brad Pitt
Now the question is how did the #AgeOfUltron teaser leak a week early?
OMFG: Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer (OFFICIAL)…
Mmmm, coffee and cough drops.
Wait ’til we make fun of YOUR face.
Big Hero 6 Proves It: Pixar's Gurus Have Brought the Magic Back to Disney Animation (@caitlinroper - @WIRED)
The Nine Lives of “Saturday Night Live” (@iancrouch - @NewYorker)
Can anyone confirm if John Lasseter’s TIN TOY short was originally made in black-and-white? I swore I saw it like that back in 1988.
Me: “Chris Evans is in SNOWPIERCER.” Wife: “Does he show off his body?” Me: “No, JUST HIS ACTING SKILLS.” Wife: “Not interested.”
Hear, hear! MT @markjohnsoncc: Type licenses on Medium "Buying a typeface is hard, and it shouldn’t be."
Had the same experience after getting on the Suggested User list: The Fickle Fame of Twitter (@inthefade - @Medium)…
That time you try to spell Kubrick and it autocorrects to lubricant. Fitting, really.
The actors playing the younger versions of Nucky and Gillian are so spot on. #BoardwalkEmpire
The Steam Curator page for BAD is just getting started, but it's there.…
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AMEN: Make A Place For Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, And Film Stock In Digital Future (@timalamo - @Deadline)
GONE GIRL survey: are the 1st and last shots the same actual take? Need a file to confirm, but curious if anyone else noticed a difference.
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I feel so giddy watching this: Crowd dynamics test using Miarmy for Maya
Surprisingly, the best thing about FURY is Shia LaBeouf.
The score in FURY is terrible. Sounds like temp music and undermines a bunch of scenes.
Love that they went as in-camera as possible: HOW WE DID IT — #SNL Title Sequence (@AlexBuono)
If this is what it feels like to have the Flu, I’m going to HATE having Ebola.
HOUSEBOUND + Union Jack IPA = perfect Friday night
I miss Gene Hackman.
Watch one of the best docs this year and support a great cause: @OvernightersDoc at @drafthouse…
RT for a chance to win a Letterpress Kit made at the Bad Robot Workshop! Plus, art print winners announced!
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My son loves it MT @jenny8lee: Wow. “The Book with No Pictures” by @bjnovak is the #1 book on all of Amazon.…