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Tina Ann Graves
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We don't talk shit, we just say facts. #YesLord #MyBae 💲💲💲💲💲#NoLie #2chainz
@_dear_hearts_ @emmas_happy_world are my #WCW 💋❤💋❤💋❤💋 I have 2 oh yes, baby!
I couldn't have said this any better. I have lived in #Arkansas all my fucking life. I will be glad to move. This is stating the true facts of the 'bible belt' I give praise to the maker of this picture. #ItIsWhatItIs
I know exactly where I would travel to, hands down. #RealTalk
My Friday at work, I love 12s and I love incentive pay. However I slept like shit this week so I'm tired really tired! #WorkFlow
Why was this decision made at night? This is worse than Rodney King. #Ferguson I have the original #BodyCount CD #CopKiller I wonder if that will be the new tune from back in the day. Lol I used it for Rodney King!
One more night at work then my work week will be done with my incentive pay too. Then I will be at a hotel with an indoor swimming pool. Ahhhhhhhh R & R with good company too. I will be drinking a few of these! #ReadyForFun stress free too!
I'm glad I am strong-minded, strong-willed, driven, feisty, non-compliant woman. Every stone thrown at me, I'm building something beautiful out of it because my mind is right, heeeeeeey! #TheTrainWreckOfSocialMedia that's me! 😆😉😆😉😆😉 can't forget my sense of humor which is sick and twisted some
What if they were from a 'deliverance' kind of town? #BeCareful lmao 😂😂😂😂
#GoneWithTheWind be truthful now...... I was really really nice about this.
I just cleaned out my contacts in my phone now I have 35 numbers my circle is getting smaller and smaller. It won't be long I will be down to 20 lmao dang! #KeepOnKeepingOn
#PostOfTheDay #MovingOn #ThingsWILLGetBetter
#WordsToLiveBy I've been doing it a long time now.
My 1st of 3. I hope I make it thru the night lol #WorkFlow
To all the thirsty ass motherfuckers out there, got damn chill the fuck out please! Be respectful or bounce! Here I go #NoFucksGiven #FuckOff #Babye
Smile, because although you may be having a bad day, you have food, clean water, clothes, a home and your health. You are blessed.
If you do the small things right, then the big things will happen.
Life gives chance to everyone, we just have to wait for our turn.
You shouldn't base your life on other people's expectations.
If it doesn't kill you, it shapes you. If it doesn't break you, it makes you.
I don't want to get attached to someone if it means losing them in the end.
An #Aquariuan will break up with you with a straight, cold face. Later when alone is when they will cry.
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My Blog (Link) Tina's Words and Tina's Thoughts #Author #Writer #Blogger
SCAM!… Men and being scammed by Outskirts Press, what can I say. #ScamAlert
@iTinaGraves Got hosed by them in the worst way - Actually it was my client after I recommended OP. Oy, what a mess
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The universe is prepping me and it's for Dr Phil. The shit storm I'm standing in right now. I got to have strength. I got this!!!
Like I always do, I will place this out of my hands into God's. I really need some kind of break. Outskirts hasn't paid me since April.
I got really mad over Outskirts but something came over me told me to chill. I'm not over the break-up however I'm in a zone for a reason.
For someone that works her ass off. I handle my business, pay my bills. I wrote a book trying to finish my 2nd one. I just keep on going.
When I make the Dr Phil show it will be amazing because of the shit I have to deal with. I just need to do the 'Anger Issues' catagory.
But I know Karma has more of a worst wrath than I do. So I will sit back and wait. #RealTalk
I really have a lot too handle right now. Why I don't know. Somehow I'm calm atm. I should be flying off the deep in. #JustSayin
I'm not happy about my breakup but when I'm pushed in the corner. I come out fighting. Too many nosy ass motherfuckers sent that flying.
Now this and my break up. I am not a happy camper. I hope and pray that Conway County my dad doesn't start in. That would push me seriously!
$400.00 is what I made so far in a year with 250, 000 followers on the Internet. So beware of using Outskirts Press you guys. Beware PLZ!!!
My co-worker told me they just destroyed your records and everything. They have r-u-n-oft with my money because you made more that $400.00.