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Tina Ann Graves
Sometimes you gotta say fuck the world! #ThrowBack #2011
No need to say anything just keep rolling on about your business. #FoodForThought
That tattoo can put out some fires I betcha! #EyeCandy
It's raining hard and I wish I was in bed. Ppl in hell want ice water, do they get it? #WorkFlow
Yes it is. I can hold my own! #TrueStory
3 12s down and 2 more 12s to go! #IRockItLikeThat #WorkFlow #Hustler
My 1st picture taken off my LG Tablet. I'm moving on up........ #cheesin
I will embrace that snow like a motherfucker! #Word
I want to give many thanks to my supporters! #YourGuysRock mad love to my BF @addicted_2_coffee2
Let this sink in! 😕😕😕😕😕
Man, this spoke to me. I love my timeline and I forgot who done it but I thank you! #independentwoman
So happy I could just shit! #WorkFlow #BigLips
I seen this quote a few weeks ago. It spoke to me, maybe I'm a realist or I'm 40 that's. Probably it lol. This can go both ways too. It's simply a good quote. #FoodForThought 👍❤👍❤👍❤👍❤
I'm independent NOT Co-dependant! I can make my own way in the world. #JustSayin #GoGetter #GetShitDone being single as long as I was showed me the way!
I PRAY not because I need something, but because I'm thankful!
People will always find something WRONG with you even if everything you do is GOOD.
Genius is not how much you know, It's how much you can figure out with what you do know.
Dear music, I will never be able to thank you enough for always being there for me.
It doesn't matter how much an #Aquarian love someone, their guard is always up.
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My Blog (Link) Tina's words and Tina's thoughts! #Author #Writer #Blogger
My NOOK:… I NOT seen any money from this package! #TrueStory
SCAM!… I got SCAMMED and I don't want y'all to get SCAMMED! #ScamAlert
If you crossed an #Aquarius, it'll be ugly and they may explode and shake your world you can't never ever imagine.
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I have been pushed to the edge and I will snap on their asses and I see that. Time for me to move and start my life elsewhere. I need it!!
It will be nice to live somewhere I can actually enjoy life and live like I should. I will miss a few. I know this will be the best for me!!
Seeing these familiar faces that goes for the cops too. I want to punch them in the fucking face! It will be nice not to see them regularly!
I really hate Conway County, Ar. PTSD ain't NO joke and I will be glad to move. I am counting down my days. To get the hell out of here!
Thank you for the mentions you guys! I love you! #ThisTooShallPass I really need to tattoo that somewhere on me.
I have a good feeling about Dr. Phil. He will be the ONLY one I will talk to. I think he will be able to fix this mess within inside me.
One thing about me I keep this shit real. PTSD ain't not joke. I am glad that I am by myself this weekend cause I am struggling. #RealTalk
Arkansas and this county isn't doing much for me either. Too much resentment and too many flashbacks of trauma. PTSD really sucks ass! #Fact
I think I am ran down and really sick of the shit in my life. However I got to keep on going. #StoryOfMyLife
I hate feeling like this when I have to stay off to myself so I will NOT land in prison. I am having on of those times in my life. #ATM
I just wish I had more time for Twitter! #JustSaying my life has changed drastically!