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Tina Ann Graves
You gotta love them roadblocks in life! #KeepPushingForward #WorkFlow
I have to stay positive & remain calm and maybe just maybe push through to @DrPhil for some reason I feel he can help with this situation...
I think I have put up with enough but I know I will need to put up so much more as I continue to write I will not be backing down. #Truth
I will be glad to move to the east coast. I really need to take a break from here. I really dislike Arkansas and Conway County. #RealTalk
An #Aquarius can be extremely explosive when pushed to the breaking point.
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(My BLOG link) The Wolverton Mountain Woman @DrPhil
Here is my book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.… The Wolverton Mountain Woman #Author #AuthorsLife
Here is my 'bookstore' better price for paperbacks… The Wolverton Mountain Woman! #Author #AuthorsLife
I'm strong-minded; strong-willed and street smart and street tough. Something is trying to break me down that's not gonna happen. #Nope
I know one thing what I am doing. I know I'm doing right. I don't know what kind of test this is however I feel my strength all the way.....
I really need some prayers and God knows the need. #ThankYou
I will hope and pray for @DrPhil that's real talk! #PrayingHard
If it wasn't for that inner voice telling me to continue my battle I would have given up a long time ago. I know I need to push forward.
I know in my heart I need to do these books. I will continue to do them. That's where social media plays in with my problems. Thank God!
However there's something inside me like an inner voice telling me everything will be fine let this play out. I got to stay strong. #SMH
I will never get another income tax check not this lifetime. I knew that was coming. That is real talk right there my life looks bad!!
April 1st laptop; then oil pan on my car now the tires. They even mention that someone maybe let some of the air out. That's real talk....
I kept checked on them at work then I got to the tire place and told me they were OK one tire maybe but two that is stating the obvious. ..
Well; I went to work yesterday and look at my back tires and they were nearly flat got them aired up and went to work. What else......
@iTinaGraves I will second that! Follow your heart ...your gut instinct is always right x
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