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Tina Ann Graves
Cut up and cut out! #Weekend #TGIF #FuckTheWorld
Send positive vibes to my cousin Gina and my mama. They are gambling this weekend and I need them to win big I need some money. #LOL #GamblingWomenOfTheSouth
Pamela Anderson was born July 1st 1967. Pamela is growing old gracefully. We can not stay 25 forever. Society can kiss my ass I will never ever touch my face. I would love a new body but I know I am getting older, shit happens. You are granted one body and one mind. I feel sorry for people followin
#TheStruggle Example!!!! Your gorgeous noooooooooooooooo you're gorgeous Thank you!,
My crazy fucking hair! #WorkFlow #FML
58.75 work week for me not too shabby for a woman that knows how to motherfucking hustles. Independent NOT co-defendant! #WorkFlow In 5 days!
In a super good mood and I can't wait for the weekend baby! #Hello
You have the right to remain silent motherfucker........ #throwbackthursday
I WILL NOT mention my friend's name but I wish her luck and I know she will come out top of this mess with divorce court today. The evidence she has, I believe she will get the car, the house and the kids, shit load of money too. Her kids are small too for this. Rake his ass over the coals and he wi
Success creates fake friends & true enemies.
Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.
Staying quiet doesn't mean I have nothing to say, it means I don't think you're ready to hear my thoughts.
Love actually has nothing to do with your heart! It's all chemical reactions inside of your brain.
Silence speaks louder than you'll ever know.
#Aquarius is a natural born leader, they don't like to follow.
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Thank you guys for all the #Retweets #Mentions #Favorites and #Listings that goes for my #TwitterPics too. You guys ROCK! #TwitterFriends
My #Nook is $3.99 great deal -->… thank you! My #Kindle another good deal. $3.99 --> TY! #Read
If you want my book, it is on #Amazon and #BarnesAndNoble --->… The Wolverton Mountain Woman. #Author #AuthorsLife
#Aquarius are masters at reading people, good luck trying to deceive them.
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Just keeping it 100 that's the ONLY way to go! #Boom
My bills aren't bad but living in the South and how they pay here is enough to go to the Big Damn Bridge. I need to MOVE! #RealTalk
If I don't make more money out in Connecticut, I will have to invest in some 'powerful' hooker boots! #JustSaying
I wish I had more time on Twitter! #FML once again!
My power NAP lasted like a fart in the wind! #FML
#Aquarius keep their emotions in check and has a clear perspective on things
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@iTinaGraves A toast: Here's to the obvious we too often deny because of an assumption on which we try to rely. (;>))
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@iTinaGraves no but you are a tough as nails, kickass strong as shit bitch(and i mean bitch in the nicest sence of the word)
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I love mother and son times! #JustSayin
Hawaiian steak! Yes, I am a pineapple freak! #FoodPorn #Coltons