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Tim Long
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The Browns winning like this makes Twitter the most fun.
P.S. @BrianKenny69 is the LAST comedian representing CLE in the contest! Come support one of our own!!
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The @cavs are back in action here at the Q tonight. Also my season debut of graphics I created. On the big screens thanks to @TweetQTV!
So pumped for the #GoProChat on Tuesday with @hannahteter @Elenahight and @JamieAsnow. Can't wait to learn new @GoPro tricks in the snow!
just saw a retweet of a RT that was a tweet from the original organization who performed said retweet. brands are weird.
I am just gonna go out and be the first to complain about these facebook friend video things.
Nissan using a gaslight anthem song in a holiday commercial is one of the weirdest things I have seen lately.
this is why i always source on social media. the answers are so much easier here for some reason.
i spent so many hours with a customer service line and in store, and it turns out the twitter person was the one who helped me most.
Bring your browning torch to the table for some marshmallow and sweet potato live toasting! dinner and a show! #HeinensTip @Heinens
It should not be this hard to upgrade to a new phone. Why do I keep hitting so many road blocks with this?
Every local car salesperson needs to stop with the puns. It is only working as anti-advertising as i will never buy a car from you.
I have never had a deep fried turkey. Hey @cshillz is it true that @Bojangles1977 has the best? #OhioProbs
What is the NFLPA's repeal defense? "Uhhh, we host a lot of criminals sooooo, we cool?"
"How do we sell brown diamonds?!" "Oh! Call them chocolate diamonds!" "Ahh this who industry is the best marketing ever!"
Welcome to lakewood! If you are wearing a puffy zip vest with a button up shirt you must "work in finance"
Sometimes it's better to lose focus and enjoy the ride. #abandonedohio #geaugalake
i am currently planning a timelapse that will take five years for me to finish. thats commitment. #gopro #timelapse
The band behind your fav @DowntownCLE video has a new song & it is great! It is time you Discover @SeafairTheBand…
24 hours - 3 professional sporting games - 1 arena - I live for this! This weekend will be full of tweets relating to @TheQArena @TweetQTV
I blame all the Frozen fans who kept quoting the movie all summer long. This is your fault!
Burger night at @HappyDog58 with @annabeyerle. Suggest a topping!
Good luck @Brewnuts! I voted for you and encourage every else to do the same!
Tonight is the hill valley enchantment under the sea dance. Be there or e square! #BTTF
i am sure it already exists but i don't want to search for it - where is the picture of @Philae2014 landing on KK's butt?
We landed a on a comet, but the world is more infatuated with KK naked on a mag cover. This is why the next generation is screwed.
given all the bills i have to pay lately i probably shouldn't have bought that Rockers jersey i didn't need.
Can someone with music skills make a spoof called "too many crooks" & just have members of congress? If you do the song i'll make the video.
On the count of three everyone accelerate. 1, 2, 3! You're welcome, I solved traffic jams.
Hey friends. Go buy a kayak so I don't have to paddle alone! @Tackk @kayak41north #GreatLakes
Effective tomorrow, we will be replacing all city hold music with “Too Many Cooks”
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Modest mouse got it right. We'll all float on.
I hate country music. Can't stress that enough. I know too many country songs. And I blame most people who think it's great music.
I hope someone does a write up on how @altonbrown became Cleveland's favorite celebrity in a matter of two days. #AltonBrownLive
i want all the asian food in cleveland. all the time
Theres nothing better baby do you like my sweater?
Can you believe there was a time when Cleveland didn't have a football team?
Watching the @Browns at the Alex theatre @The9CLE and it is awesome. Basically watching at the movie theatre!
I am by far the most dressed down person at @The9CLE tonight. But it's cool. I own it!
#smac over 60 conferences and conventions announced at the convention center since the announcement of the #RNC @DowntownCLE
The story of @The9CLE is one for the ages. Great job by @DowntownCLE and Geiss construction to bring it all together! #smac
I'll never call myself a foodie. I like @Applebees boneless wings too much.