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Tim Long
Excited to be part of the @GG9Cleveland opening ceremonies at @TheQArena! #GoAllOut
i may think highly of myself. but i bet i could do a warrior dash without training.
things that bother me: Papyrus font. people who say vino, sunday funday, "how do you not like pickles/guac?". and the usage of #rolltribe
did anyone go to @girltalk last night?
One of Ohio's top vineyards, @GervasiVineyard can make one heck of a drink. Never had a wine cocktail until I ordered the Romeo. Fantastic!
Heading down to @GervasiVineyard in canton with The #SMAC team. Excited to see my first vineyard!
I do really enjoy Bagel Bites, but i do not need the excuse of pizza being on a bagel to eat pizza anytime. #bagelbites @OreIdaPotatoes
it has been about an hour now.... why hasn't fresh brewed tees come out with some ridiculous Love shirt yet?
Your life is always the post of something else. Where is the present in the way that you present yourself?
the person who first used personification would die at the sight of personified products on twitter
i wanna buy property in a bunch of cities and just use them for @Airbnb. but then i remembered i haven't even paid rent this month yet...
On my way into work this morning I stopped at @DunkinDonuts to get coffee and I didn't get a donut... I guess this is growing up #dammit
bending the conceptions of everyone's mind. my theme for today.
If anyone is looking for Wayne Newton I'm pretty sure he is cruising down 480 in a sea foam green GMC pickup truck
PARTY TIP: Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.
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Last night at the #PFHOF14 enshrinement I saw @ShannonSharpe take 2 turkey sandwiches and make 1 mega sandwich. Dude is a genius!
Lack of planning on your part does not make an emergency on mine
I am a highly efficient person and when I sit around wasting time due to other people I get really frustrated.
I hate when someone wastes my time. It has to be my biggest pet peeve.
Favorite if you hate people who ask for rerweets.