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Blad the Impaler
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What does Double Fine Presents get you? It gets you me, harrassing you live on camera! But in a loving manner!…
Come one, come all! DAY OF THE DEVS!! This year it's ALL AGES and STILL FREE!…
It's become clear to me that in this life, some people can see the squirrel, and some can't. Very sad.
If you're in SF on November 1, you should totally go to Day of the Devs. Pro tip: go early. Really early.
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Amazing leaf looks just like squirrel, challenging every assumption we've ever made about leaves, squirrels & life.
Massive Chalice is currently streaming a stream of people streaming Massive Chalice. They're playing with fire!
Tim and Ian are about to stream some goat! RIGHT NOW!! :D
Looks like the next @TheIndieBox is going to be especially BRÜTAL. But you must subscribe before Rocktober 23!
This is best viewed in Oculus. “@itsuhrapp: ohhh man...Best, most fun sessions. ❤️ to you @kbavoice!
For the record: @femfreq is one of my heroes. If you can't deal with that, then unfollow me.
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Tell 'em, @Spacekatgal!… (man, I hope that's not the fake twitter account she mentions)
Went to a really funny talk tonight by @lenadunham, AND we got free books + condoms. So, bonus.
Your nerdiest nightmares are BACK this weekend with @d20burlesque. See my tribute to my fave @TimOfLegend game!
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Wrong again you guys. Obviously the guy in the chair has no feet so he makes them out of whipped cream, which someone then licks off. Right?
This person wins the internet. Olivia Ofrenda cosplay from Grim Fandango. You dig, hepcat? cc: @TimOfLegend…
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When I say I'm down in LA recording voice for BA, I mean other people's skilled, professional voices. I'm not personally Mel Blancing it.
I'm in LA recording voice for Broken Age Act 2! That's not just an excuse because I'm afraid I'll lose. I'm not afraid--I KNOW I'll lose.
Happy Roctober 13th! The traditional way my people celebrate this holiday is playing Brütal Legend online all night, but I am on the road!
We're running a Humble Bundle! Support the IndieCade Foundation, a nonprofit which will support future indies:
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The new teaser from @funomena looks so beautiful!! I want to go to that world right now!…
@TimOfLegend Ske-bee bop, BOP! You said this to me in your sleep. The cracks in my skull... Lugubrious.
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Grim Fandango Remastered is at @IndieCade and it "..feels something like a video game miracle."…
Second biggest DOTT tat ever! (The biggest starts on my back and ends on @phrenopolis's)…
The Escapist says gg began with ethical concerns, and was only LATER accused of misogyny? Nice history re-write.…
Someone used the modding tools in Hack 'n' Slash to make a full Italian Translation of the game!…
Hack 'n' Slash wins @IndieCade Grand Jury Prize & yet still remains obtainable by private citizens! So generous, DF!
Wish I were down at @IndieCade last night when Hack N Slash won the Grand Jury Prize. Then again, playing VibRibbon at home was fun too...
The Grand Jury Award goes to Hack n Slash: It "excels in all areas" and stands "at the intersection of design and player choice."
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PS They are excellent at making games, just not at spelling. :)
Dog Mendonça! A beautiful new 2D point&click adventure on Kickstarter! I visted Okam studios and they are awesome!…
Happy Costume Quest 2 Day! The greatest Halloween RPG ever is now live on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux (Consoles soon!)
Only a few hours left to pre-order Costume Quest 2 and get the 4 bonus costumes from CQ1! #RobotPumkinUnicornEyeball
If you tried to order Costume Quest 2 and got that "must have CQ1" bug, it is now fixed. FIXED! Fly my bats, FLY!!!
If you're trying to buy CQ2 on Steam, but it says you need CQ1 first, don't worry, that's a bug and @Midnight_City is fixing it right now!
Tom Chick is an awesome guy, and you can help him beat cancer here: YOU MUST PICK A SIDE! Tom, or stupid C!
New Twin Peaks season on Showtime, and @DAVID_LYNCH will direct every episode? Best news in a long time!
Hey all you lovely developer friends, submit your game to Day of the Devs and come party with us!…
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Weird ad campaign from Walgreens, I guess about caring?
Where are you humans getting those Nighogg socks? Do you have to stab someone in the guts? Or just the eye? Or both with a slide in between?
Oh man, the new @UberEnt Cthulhu vs. Giant Robot RTS looks hilarious and AMAZING. I love it already.… AMAZING!!!
I wasn't going to make a Halloween twitter icon/name this year, but it is my first Halloween, and @JonRenish kind of forced me to.