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Tim Schafer
Funny, I was expecting Marigolds.
It's @zacgormania! Signing Costume Quest books! In our booth RIGHT NOW!! (Booth 117)
EIGHT Costume Quest 2 stations at the @Midnight_City booth!
Come early for Zac Gorman's 2:00 signing because we only have a small number of the awesome Costume Quest books!…
Signings are over, so the only way to get a Grim PAX poster is to come to our meet-up tonight at the Hard Rock!
Feature idea for Twitter or Facebook: "WARNING: Before posting that, would you like to read the Snopes article about it?"
It has been officially decided that the @gangbeasts people are the best people, and @DoubleFine loves them tremendously. (Bangs gavel)
So that @gangbeasts is one of my favorite things at PAX. Need to play more!
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Big Leg doesn't sit alone tonight. Thinking of you,@buenothebear! with @GregRicey and @gangbeasts' @FatKnack
Episode 2 of The Making of Grim Fandango Remastered documentary series from @2PProductions now live on YouTube!
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Grim Fandango panel was great and now even more excited to play it. nicely moderated by @giocorsi as well!
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Backstage with the Petes. @PeterNMcConnell @chanwillneverjointwitter
Oh no, nobody came! So embarrassing!
BRAVE THE DRIZZLE!!! Smash the Quotile!
Our Grim panel is @ the Benaroya Theater (3rd & Union) @ 4:30. We have Peters Chan and McConnell! Hope you brave the drizzle and come down!
About to do the @gamespot PAX live stream! I apologize in advance for my voice. I blew it out screaming "woo!" During @MrMooEar's interview.
In Seattle and want to see more MASSIVE CHALICE? Come to the ACT Theatre (700 Union St) today from 6-8 for a deep look! No PAX badge needed!
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About to start the signing at the DF booth. A special guest has arrived--PETER CHAN!
A well-known face appears on a tortilla without explanation! Surely this miracle will be on the news tonight!
Big #GrimFandango day! @TimOfLegend signing posters 2pm at #PlayStation booth then our #Grim panel in Main Hall at 4:30pm #Good2bGrim #PAX
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Costume Quest 2 pre-orders are now live on Steam! Get it now for 4 bonus costumes from the first game!
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Gang Beasts from our @boneloaf pals is NOW LIVE on Steam! Currently $14.99 for all your silly blobby punchy needs!…
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Doing signings at the Double Fine booth (#117) Fri, Sat, Sun @11:00 and the Sony booth Fri&Sat @2:00 #PAXPrime2014 !
Hey everyone! Come on down to the @DoubleFine PAX booth and check out our first playable build of MASSIVE CHALICE! :D!
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Neat post on lighting 2D characters in Broken Age. Clever stuff!…
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Okay @vahnj @kazamatsuri, we need to get organized. Obviously this table is the best table at gate 50.
The replies I got yesterday were ridiculously entertaining. But now check out the kind of responses that women get.…
Testing out a new logo concept from Razmig. Let me know what you think.
PS Mister Dapper didn't make that list. He was just archiving it for posterity. Here is the original source:
I love the mask, but please tell me more about the GRIM FANDANGO MIDDLE SCHOOL MUSICAL!…
I don't think I've ever been more proud of an award, achievement, or honor, than being on this list:… :)
Watch the @femfreq #TropesvsWomen vids. Even if u think u get it, the sheer tonnage makes misogyny seem newly appalling.
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Can't kill myself after all. Looks like "Death" isn't buying any of my shit anymore.…
FYI I played Sentris way before it was cool and also way before it was 10% off on Steam Early Access.
Well, @MenacingMecha deleted his tweet where he called me an arrogant asshole, but trust me, it made my Scooby-Doo joke HILARIOUS.
Yeah, who am I kidding? It was probably "Scooby-Doo! Unmasked."…
Not sure, but I think this guy is implying that the release of Psychonauts is what brought women to games. Nice!…
Not until I see the end of Game of Thrones!…
This is embarrassing. He came to the wrong hate group meeting, and a year late.…
Cool bundle of video game writing curated by @simoncarless! DRM-free, & links to awesome non-profit @SpecialEffect!
That last one made me sad. From a guy with 1.2M YouTube subscribers.
@TimOfLegend You're ignoring that men are depicted as savages here as well as women are objectified. Both are extremes. I am not a savage.
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Okay, now I think people are just doing this to try to get more codes out of me.…
@TimOfLegend @C418 imagine no violence EVER was shown to females in video games. this woudl just not work. welcome to reality.
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Last STFU Steam code! Beware! Puzzles! 2D🍔 👑 Q-πITN-VL5D3