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Tim Schafer
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Thanks to @Nosferalatu, I'm going to see @myMotorhead at the Warfield tonight! Anyone else going?
"In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth...To search for landscapes men would roam." -Iron Maiden. Not Satanists. Apparently Creationists?
There's still time to fund the @unwinnable Kickstarter and pretend you were there before it was cool!…
Everything in @beatonna's store is awesome!… But I will fight for my right to talk about babies! AW, LOOK AT THEM!
It's Tuesday night again, so that means I'll be streaming some more level design. EG2 NewGame+ tonight. 7PM on
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So, if you had voice-controlled, radio play versions of Infocom games, would they be safe to play in the car? Or would you be too immersed?
I always thought somebody should make radio-play recordings of the text from games like Zork, then use voice commands as input. No screen!
Zillion $ idea, combine 2 things that are so hot right now: Put Oculus Rift inside a rubber horse mask! Instead of looking dumb, look scary!
Audio-only adventure games for the blind (and non-blind) is a cool idea!…
Oh wait, never mind. The guy in front of me is just watching Backdradt or something.
Holy crap! The wing of my plane is on fire!!!
Amazing new friends, created by @TheAnnaTheRed, and geometry!
I won @johntdrake's Royal Rumble! Some chumps say @alex_navarro won, but if he won, how'd I get THIS??
I blame the purple shirt.
And it's my turn!
Oh man! @Amarisse is totally killing it in the ring! Reese the Beast! Reese the-- oh wait, she's out. :(
About to wrestle some fools LIVE on the ROYAL RUMBLE. might be where it's happening. Quick! Before I eliminate all!
"After 4 days of no pings, what's next?" I'll tell you, CNN. You start putting something else on top of your news page finally! Jeeze.
So happy that Ophelia, Drowned Ophelia, and Doviculus are now getting along so well. An inspiring example of peace!