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Tim Schafer
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Yes, all you comedians. :) I was being "Double Fined." There, are you happy now?
I'm not crazy after all! I really was getting summoned for jury duty TWICE as much as I should have been. Time to double check for yourself!
Because I registered to vote as Tim Schafer, but the DMV had me as Timothy John Schafer, SF courts had TWO juror records for me!
Whoa. Turns out it wasn't my imagination. The court had me in their system twice. Once with my middle name included, one without. :O!
Just got ANOTHER jury summons! I know I am immeasurably fair and wise and just but, come on SF courts. We need to start seeing other people!
Tell me, Sheriff Taylor, why DON'T you carry a gun?…
Thrilled to announce the newest DF Presents game, Gang Beasts, a muiltiplayer physics-based brawler from @boneloaf!
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Entertaining and inspiring, even in death. Thanks for everything, Oderous Orungus! #gwar #RIPDaveBrockie
Hey, let's you and me talk about Grim Fandango!…
Lego Monkey Island is really shaping up! Good move on that loose plank.…
I love the way The Tomorrow Children looks! And also, I like digging and making giant robots, so...…
ONE HUNDRED MINUTES TO GO! Girls make games!!!!…
Hohokum makes everything better.
Tried to write "Space boots" just now, wrote "Spoots" instead. I suggest that all astronauts use the term from now on. Get your spoots on!
If you are at @GDC_Europe make sure to catch @doubleanna's talk about dialog systems on Tuesday! It's great!…
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PS Aren't you glad we aren't those chumps in Group 111? Ha ha. Have a nice time performing your civic duty, nerds!
Group 110 excused from jury duty tomorrow, and therefore for an entire year! We did it! Hey, group 110, let's go out and get a drink!
Writing in the library today. Someone is making copies and for every page, the machine makes a sound like a canned cow sound maker. Mooooo!
In a world of bad news at least there's one thing in which we can all find hope & inspiration: I don't have to go in to Jury Duty tomorrow.
I love playing Mario Kart 8 so much, I'm going to just pretend I didn't see that Mercedes DLC announcement. LALALALALA!
@grumpygamer @TimOfLegend have you seen this attempt for a Lego scumm bar?… it's only missing a loose plank ^_^
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KP90X! RT@JonMull Limiting alcohol, eating better and playing Kinect Party w/ my 6yr old everyday, I'm down 14lbs in 2 weeks. #SuckItP90X
Woo! No jury duty tomorrow! Oh wait. I mean TONS of jury duty. Can't come into the office tomorrow because of all the jury duty, okay, work?
It's exciting in SF. You have to call in every day at 4:30 to find out if you have to go in the next day. Two days in and I'm still winning!