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Tim Gray
"If it'€™s uncomfortable, you're growing" What an Awesome #Quote by @noahkagan. Are You In #Growth or Protection?
Thanks for following me @tim_ash - I'm very pleased, as I absolutely loved your book #landingpageoptimization!
"Just Copy @amazon" & Missing @PayPal? That's No #CRO Strategy! 4 Reasons Why You're Losing Conversions @KISSmetrics
Boris Johnson wants to pay diesel owners to get rid of their cars ->
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Amazon is Planning to Release New Online Advertising Business…
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Are You #Donating With Awareness? The Differences Between The #charity We #Donate To & The Diseases That Kill Us
This Illustration Posted By Eric Schmidt Shows How Google Thinks About Innovation (GOOG)
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How Good Are You At #CRO? See if You're As Good As You Think With This #Quiz! - @markbolitho @ThatSMGirl
I Love This! Count to Five and #JUSTDOIT (the Thing You Are Dreading) #FeelTheFear & Do It Anyway… @Nike @SusanJeffers
A Great Read On How Content Is Changing And What Marketers Need To Know [Survey Data]… @Nathan_Safran @Marketingland
#Instagram Adds Analytics For Businesses - InformationWeek @ThatSMGirl
If You Think Big Data’s Big Now, Just Wait… via @TechCrunch
Why Talented Marketers Make Other People Rich
A Nice and Simple Example of How To #Persuade or #Convince Anyone. Thanks @noahkagan - You Deliver Every Time!…
Reform your forms with @formisimo, an advanced form analytics and reaction engine
An Amazing Article - How Every Day Objects #Influence Our Decisions. Thanks @hghalvorson @RobertCialdini @TrevorSilv
The Complete 2014 #NottingHillCarnival Guide - with 50 Cool Things To Do! @TimeOutLondon @NHCarnival2014 #lovelondon
14 Psychological #Influence Tricks You Can Use Every Single Day In Your Life (With Ease) According to @DerrenBrown @Esquiremag
#Google Launches Tracking for “Website Call Conversions” In #AdWords… via @sengineland Oh Dear @CallTrac @ResponseTap
A Nice Article about #neuroscience & Conversion Optimisation, & Several Ways of Applying it To Your Site @rogerdooley…
You can’t change the situation. All you can change is how you react to it.
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The #CEO Dilemma "Lamb-Cheetah Dilemma" To Be Loved or Feared? Who gets further?… @michaelschwalbe @MadeSimpleGroup
The fun & free @MyVisualDNA Personality Quiz just blew my mind, it's crazy accurate. Discover your true #personality
You Want To Know Why We #Kiss and Enjoy #Kissing (so much)? -Find Out From An Evolutionary Perspective @iIovesciencee…
A really interesting article on worldwide #Brainwashing #Influence & mind control.…
5 questions that can change your life. (Apparently) another short but good article @PsychToday…
I believe in #Subliminal selling, the government won't admit it works-Nice example @PsychToday…
The Future of #CRO / #Conversion Rate Optimisation? Interesting, but I don't think it's right, yet.… @KISSmetrics
Stuck at #vauxhall station due to a complete prat (probably on blue meth) on the train tracks. #40minswasted
The first to apologize is always the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.
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Who said pocket squares are square? Shake up your pocket squares via @TheLearnedGent: #style #gentleman
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#Facebook's psychological experiment on 700,000 users to see if they could alter emotional state of users @PsychToday…
Basket abandonment is one of the biggest challenges online retailers have, with 3/4 of customers effectively walking away at the till...
The Therapeutical Paradox: A negative emotion that drives a behaviour will result in the opposite of the outcome you want. #lovethisquote
Understand How & WHY sugar affects the brain, & why you should cut down to enjoy it more & be healthier. @TED_TALKS…
A Super Inspiring Video From Founder of #BuddyMedia After Selling To SalesForce @BuddyMedia @lazerow #stilllovetthis…