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She's a good girl, loves her mama.
You don't have to prove anything to anyone
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y are college books so expensive
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I love my header
The only way to go from here is up. Great day of competitions.
Why can't you just be fucking proud to call me your son
Today was such a good day 
Snapchat story of the day
Going to win by intimidation at competition tomorrow lmao
Under armor makes me feel extra swole
I feel like total shit rn
Time for the last training session of the day
I hate not seeing her all day
My mom will always be the first woman in my life
Did this girl really just steal my sash aka pride
Last few days of training before a fight are so crucial
Well today was productive
Surround yourself around people with similar goals that want to be successful in life. No time for negativity.
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I've been focusing on getting my sh*t together & progressing... No time for anything that's gonna distract me from it.
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Off of work 
People just don't understand how irrelevant their opinions are
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If I can be myself around you I love you x9999999999999999
Nominated by @gasp_its_marci for the #alsicebucketchallenge I nominate @lorisherwintimbang (dad) , @thatasianboii & @luis_gon23 YOU HAVE 24 HOURS have fun ! 😊
Teaching her how to play
Snippet of a freestyle
~When I Met You In the Summer~ #15secondcover
Snippet of blurred lines
Family at the top of the world (rockefeller tower) #latepost
Spending the day at the pool
#latepost reppin the Philippines in an American theme park
Highlight of my day: butter beer
Museum of Natural History
Vietnamese War Memorial
#latepost MUC IN LIBERTY (mama uncle and cousin)