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Tiffy Diamond
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Just saw @TheScienceGuy walking down the street rocking a fedora and leather jacket. Made my night. So much swag. #losangeles
Hilarious Story Of Shane, The Walmart Deli Guy, Told Through Notes From His Boss… #funny
the sky right now is killer #LA
The weirdest/coolest/most epic dog costumes of all time:
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Last night a girl said my #Halloween costume was Beyoncé dressed as Janet Jackson. Hahaha
You know what rain?! I ain't even mad at you. #LA #losangeles
Happy Halloween text messages from numbers I don't recognize 😒 I know better than that trap. If you not in my phone there's a reason.
I think I just wanted to have the #halloween candy. I don't think I wanted to actually pass it out to kids.
Here's What Marilyn Monroe's Last Home Looked Like #LA #realestate
I call this, running out of cereal names.
I have the same costume as Beyoncé for Halloween tonight. Coincidence? I think not. #turntup
Red and pink starbursts 🙌🙌
Back to #golf! I missed a whole month. 🙊⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️
Time to write a proposal! You get a proposal and you get a proposal. Everybody gets a proposal! ::Oprah Voice:: #entrepreneur
A4 It's also all relevant. The skills you learn from one job will transfer to other projects. #PABgirltalk
A4 You learn a lot about business fast, how to sell yourself & your strengths as an entrepreneur. Gratifying to experience. #PABgirltalk
A4 When I was working 9-5 what I did on my free time was filmmaking for fun. I became good enough for that to become main job #PABgirltalk
A3 Creative, Event Planning, Public Speaking. I mean you can do any of them, matter of work you're willing to do. #PABgirltalk
Did you know @WonderBraCanada launched the first push-up bra in 1963? They've come a long way:
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This is Braveheart, he does this everyday.
I have a squirrel that lives in my backyard. I've named him "Braveheart" because his ass tries to come in my house everyday and hang out.
Gonna figure out if fruit loops is the breakfast of champions.
Cara Delevingne is reportedly playing THIS supervillain in a 2016 comic book movie:
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Do kids in #LosAngeles still trick or treat for #Halloween? The trek to my front door is so hardcore I'd feel bad if they weren't rewarded.
Gotta run to a meeting it was fun poppin in homies. #sproutchat
A5 Hate when I think I'm gonna read something relevant to their title and it's BS. Lose trust quick. #sproutchat
A4 Yes, I've seen ad agencies use them and I use them. Some of them are really funny and relatable and that's what you want. #sproutchat
Fun Fact: The first ad agency owned by a woman opened in 1880. How far have we come today? #changetheratio #3percentconf #HLR
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Ice cream and wine kinda night! #LA 🍦🍷
A lot of fun in #MillennialTalk with @TheMPulse. Can't wait to see your platform.
A10 Written content is engaging, teaches the audience, allows for discussion. Fresh perspective on issues. #MillennialTalk
A10 Video captures brand, tells a great story. Short and sweet. Knows how smart audience is. #MillennialTalk
A9 For the most part I'm always connected and reading. #MillennialTalk
A9 I spend at least the first part and last part looking through Blogs, Flipboard/Zite for news. Also twitter helps. #MillennialTalk
A6 Like when sites give virtual tours or let you peak around before the pop up shows saying you have to login to see more. #MillennialTalk
A6 Personally hate it cause I have all these logins everywhere I'll never go again. On the flip side I get why they do it. #MillennialTalk
A5 People love exclusivity too. When facebook started it was "SO COOL" when they added your school to their platform. #MillennialTalk
A5 Power of events great, partner w/companies and give a unique experience. At events have computers with sign up for app #MillennialTalk
A5 Having early adopters is also like a soft opening, allowing you to get feedback while creating the base of community. #MillennialTalk
A5 Allowing early adopters to try the site first is always great to create buzz. Especially if they're "influencers" #MillennialTalk