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Tiffy Diamond
"Insecurities will destroy you, real confidence will take you to a level very few attain." #Entrepreneurship #quote
Hey now hey! Double Chocolate Glazed Donuts with Pistachios. :D
Listening to Josef Salvat - Open Season (The Chainsmokers Remix) on @hypem #Music
.@Cinnabon You guys are killing me with this deliciousness on my TL everyday. I love it tho.
Gotta get back to work! Look forward to next year homies. :D #sproutchat
A3 Have people gain entries sharing it across networks. Rafflecopter is great for that. Have a tie in with newsletter too. #sproutchat
A2 I use Rafflecopter for my blog. :D #sproutchat
A1 Donuts, Coffee & Memes, sometimes GIFs #sproutchat
A1 Not being afraid to laugh helps. You'd be surprised, meet a girl that hated comedy once... that was fun. #sproutchat
The winners can open their prizes and the losers can take shots. GO! #sproutchat
The Answer is always Beyoncé. #sproutchat
Too Many Cooks Adult Swim #sproutchat
Damn everyone is so fast. hahaha #sproutchat
I'd like to be on the team that wins. Hahahaha I know there's no teams but..... I'd still like to be around the winners. #sproutchat
I'll got you. Better be good tho! 🙌🙌 R@MrPaulHudsonon: If I'd write a novel, would you read it?
Watching "Lucky Number Slevin." One of my favorite #movies 🙌🙌
I may or may not be going to get ice cream right now. I also might binge eat it. Please forgive me! :D Great chat! #millennialtalk
A8 Favorite - GRATITUDE JOURNAL. Morning or night 5 - 10 things your thankful for. You'll be amazed at good in your life. #millennialtalk
A8 Try to stay in moment. It's hard, but no point thinking about yesterday and tomorrow if TODAY is all that matters. #millennialtalk
A7 Once you realize everyone on SM has awkward moments, ups and downs and isn't a superhero. You'll do less comparison. #millennialtalk
A6 I mean... I don't 100% hate binge eating on holiday treats. After I do. But the process is beautiful. #millennialtalk
A6 Don't give up on being active just because it's the holidays! I mean the mall in itself is like a marathon. #millennialtalk
A5 We create stress by giving negative feelings power over us. Chill you got this, & if you don't it's not the end of world. #millennialtalk
A4 Step out of comfort zone - volunteer, try classes, learn something new. It might be time for a passion reroute. #millennialtalk
A4 Talk to close friends/loved ones, sometimes just saying things out loud will help your focus. #millennialtalk
A3 Also never underestimate the power of nature or being active for even 15 minutes. GO outside it'll make you happier. #millennialtalk
A3 Write down the goals for the day, it's easier to see what you can accomplish when you set a plan of attack. #millennialtalk
A3 Example Screenplays = 90-110 pages. Instead of looking at that, do 1 page a day & you'll have a script in 3 mos. #millennialtalk
A3 Little steps lead to big ones. Break projects up into smaller attainable goals. #millennialtalk
Gonna keep it real tho, I like my binge thinking. It's where my ideas are born. Just get some meditation in there sometimes. #millennialtalk
A2 Trying to balance everything in 24 hour days. Work - Relationships - Life. #millennialtalk
A2 The feeling that I'm not doing enough to achieve certain goals. Even when I have so much on my plate. #millennialtalk
A1 You overanalyze everything to the point of not doing anything. #millennialtalk
A1 #BingeThinking is when you can't shut your mind off from wanting to tackle a million projects at once. Overload. #millennialtalk
Gonna try and get a jump start on Christmas shopping tonight before it's too late hahaha #millennialtalk