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Going to sleep good tonight :')
All of oakville seems like there going to haunt tn...
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Every time I listen to marvins room i gets me into a sad mood. gotta stop
haunt tomorrow :):)
ugh that ruined my night.
chillin with Isabella soon <3
But How come Oakville doesn't have those movie theaters with couches instead of seats
Love my dad for getting me taco bell for dinner
People who can't keep conversations going <<<
For Christmas im going to buy belts for those guys who sag their pants like pull your pants up
LOL i liked a random persons answer on ask #sorry
Drake - the language >>
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lol ill never give up
instead of always saying turn up why dont u shut up😊
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Sometimes I like sit outside and look at the stars. #WeirdoStatus
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i actually find it cute that when guys are playing video games they pause the game just to text you back .
just want to be alone
touch football tomorrow hahaha im actually excited.
ohhhh killl emmmm
Not in the mood for your bullshit ✌
that was real talk tho lololol
im sorry but some girls have the worst eyebrows like holy crap
i really wish i could fall asleep.
i have so much to tell you.
I just wanna watch phantom of the megaplex and then I'll be in the halloween spirit 🎃👻
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i hate when people stare at me, like tf you want
still gotta do my geography homework.
a little late but hockey night in canada (y)
Halloweentown (y)
whenever someone sends me a snapchat i feel all special but then i realize they sent it to everyone on their friend list.
Love this type of weather
so down for taco bell rn
gosh you are so cute
Lolly is such a bad song but its so catchy
oh well fuck you i guess.
Can it just be cold outside im so tired of this heat