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tiffany crowder
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new favorite picture my sweet baby boy.😍😊
"@WhiteGirIWeek: Quote this with your good morning selfies! 💕"
"My phones so retarded. Why can I hear myself talking?" 😂😂😂💆💆💆
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Someone hangout with me.(:
Got a new number text me with your names.(: 817-230-3571
Hate when guys I dont know are like "text me" yeah ok sure let me just go look your number up real quick. Haha tf.
I want someone who wants me as bad as I want them
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Getting my phone turned on tomorrow. (: so happy.
Living in Hurst again who wants to chill I can come pick you up
probably gonna go to the hostpital tomorrow..:/
I feel like theres something wrong with me.. why do I feel like this? #insomuchpain
I wanna go camping😭
Im that girl that gets mad at you & doesn't want to talk to you but gets extra mad when you don't even try to talk to me
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probably the reasons i don't care or try anymore...
i don't understand when you don't try in the relationship the guy likes you more, but when you do try "its annoying"
It's hard to move on when you still care.
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@tiffanyynicole8 when a girl says she's "fine" there is something wrong. I struggle a lot. More than most think.
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