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New hair =^…^=
"The price of beauty was more than you thought How does it feel now?The price Was more than you thought" - @suicidesilenceofficial
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Today stats: No new followers, One unfollower via
" Too caught up in the anger and judgment.. Caught up in the web of lies I've heard these things keep our blood boiling, Keeps us alive, and moving forward... Well FUCK THAT! If that's the case I was born a dead man. And I'm forever a ghost." - @ghosttown
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I just joined Frankly =^…^= make friends with me? :) @FranklyChat & add me: kittycx
So I coloured my hair brown... It didn't take like at all on the underneath. It's a definitely a sign that my hair should be colourful =^…^=
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" That place in my mind Is that space that you call mine Where have I been all this time? Lost enslaved fatal decline I've been waiting for this too unfold (Good) My pieces are only as good as the whole" - @slipknot
"Fuck it all! Fuck this world! Fuck everything that you stand for! Don't belong! Don't exist! Don't give a shit! Don't ever judge me!" - @slipknot
Disaronno and @MonsterEnergy so great together 😍
Seeing @slipknot and @Korn tonight in Toronto! So excited! =^…^=
"I can't drown my demons they know how to swim" - @bmthofficial
Thanks @hannnahkate_ for nominating me for the #stopdropselfie I now nominate @amandazloty @theycallmeliladele and @notyournormalchick
Doing a project, yay! -_-
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Crocodiles are more closely related to birds than to any other reptile group.
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Netflix is a bitch! Just give me my American Netflix and no one will get hurt!
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"The only thing that sets us apart inside Is a heartbeat, hear it boom boom!" - @suicidesilenceofficial
If this gets 1,000 retweets @chrisATTILA will take a naked selfie tomorrow! BUY OUR NEW ALBUM RIGHT NOW IT RULES!
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"Someday I would like to know That when I die, I will find my soul And when I'm gone, when my skin Is cold, will I care where my body goes? Where my body goes" - @saywecanfly
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This wind storm is just so nice 😍 💨
30% of women in relationships believe that Valentine’s Day is overrated.
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If you don't pick up our new album on iTunes, NICKELBACK is going to beat us... It's only $7.99 so RT to save a life!
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"The biggest cliche in photography is sunrise and sunset." - Catherine Opie
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Wow! I just won this for free, NEW 10 ft BRAIDED MICRO USB CHARGING CABLE FOR MOST ANDROID PHO #listia
"Walking the thin line between heaven and hell. Oh what a thrill" - Me =^…^=
" Say what you want, but behind closed doors you fight the same demons as everyone else. Say what you will, but you look like a fool to the rest of the world that knows that no one's perfect. You live a lie! Modern day Pharisees. Open up your eyes! You never practice what you preach. You live a l
Happy mother fuckin' birthday too @FRONZ1LLA you freaky fuck! 😊😘
" I guess I'm dying proof That we're all on display And this life is a side show" - @ghosttown
"Winter is nature's way of saying, 'Up yours.' " - Robert Byrne