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I want this week to go by extremely fast...
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texting while you're half asleep is worse than texting while you're drunk
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I want you to know That I'll never let go So take my heart and keep it safe for me♡ -@FearAndWonder_
Not going to see le boyfriend this weekend :( ♡ pretty bumbed out :'(
My empties:( so sadning I want one right now :'( ♡ #monsterenergy #rockstars #marleys #bobmarley #headshots #unicornbag #iwantamonster !!
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What's the biggest lie your parents told you growing up? — I don't know :p
Why aren't drive-in movies a thing anymore?
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I feel slightly deff! What the fuck! :(
One thing I didnt miss about being house bound for 2 daus was the knats -_- #fuckrightoff
Hello interweb:) ♡ going back to school today-_- wish I could just take the rest of the week off:( #alternativegirl #girlwithpiercings #orangehair #frontbangs #mitchlucker #followme #loveme #blueeyedgirl
They say stay away from dairy when you are sick... hell I crave it when im sick!
Your body is hot! Belly pic please — gah I need to start working on core because I need my 6 pack back:(
Your body is hot! Belly pic please — gah I need to start doing core workouts because I need my 6 pack back :(
What two animals, if combined, would make for an awesome ani... — a dewgong and a bulbasaur to creat a dewbasaur ♡
Who gives a fuck what anybody thinks about you? Opinions mean nothing.
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If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who would it be? — Elvis, Mitch, Danny, Jason and Braden♡♡
What made your day today? — Honestly nothing:/but my boyfriend makes me happy everytime his name pops up on my p...
I dont want to miss the spring concert but if talking makes me lightheaded how am I supposed to sing 3 songs? :(
I feel so crapy right now :'( I ache all over and I have a huge headache and a sore throat:( I just want my Ryachu with me♡ #alternativegirl #orangehair #blueeyes #girlwithpiercings #pokemonnicknames
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I swear to god if that bitch takes my fucking spot today
One legged pants today? :) why not=^.^= #alternativegirl #monsterenergy #transformersbelt #orangehair #girlwithpiercings #riseagainst #happymonday #followme
I have no motivation to get out of bed at this point...
Hiya :) got my hair cut and coloured♡ #orangehair #Slipknot #alternativegirl #girlwithpiercings #blueeyes #followme #commentlikefollow
Music will always be there for you, even when other people aren't.
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What famous people were born in your city? — Honestly I pretty sure no one :p
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Would you tie a guy down and tickle him? — ummmm
Because she hasn't got long finger nails — oh... and im sorry you've just got the wrong body part for me. :o
But when Someone is tickling you with a pen would you laugh — why would someone tickle me with a pen..
Because he or she think you are ticklish with a pen — a pen is weird...... finger nails...
Are your inner thighs ticklish also? — im ticklish everywhere :p
Are you more ticklish when somebody tickle your socks or nylon with... — why is someone gonna tickle me with a pen?
At school or your friend and with fingers nails or a pen — your questions make zero sence :p sorry
And with finger nails or with a pen — ummm whos tryin to tickle someone with a pen ? like what? O.o
And with socks or nylon — both?
Are you ticklish — extremely:o
What do you think people should do more often? —
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What angers you the most? — I cant say :) because then people will easily make me angry :)
You’re playing with fire, you’re swimming with sharks You are swimming with fucking sharks
I am the sinner, I am the voice of the weak
I’ve heard it all before, you’re a devil behind closed doors
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This class is filled with immature little brats... grow up please..
We're like Bonnie and Clyde making off with Mary Jane♡
What happened down in the dungeon between you and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret. If you know what I mean ;) #RuinAMovieQuote
What questions do you usually ask when you want to ge... — I like cats, you like cats, so you can come pet my pu...