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Solid ✊
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You may be paying rapt attention to what your peers are doing ... More for Capricorn
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It's finally time to put your master plan into motion, even if... More for Capricorn
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You may be preoccupied with professional issues today and your... More for Capricorn
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Hey Grandpa . How's Heaven Treating You ? I Hope You & Grandma Doing Well Up There ... I Just Wanted To Say Happy birthday & I Miss You Soooo Much 😒 . Its been Almost Two Years Since You Left Me 😔 . I've been Doing Good , I Listened To The Last Words You Told Me When I Came To C You In The Hospita
You can immediately see several reasons why someone's big plan... More for Capricorn
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I'm very impatient 😒 I hate when people take all day to do a simple task.
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It Takes Going Through Some Shit To Realize Some Shit .... 💯
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cooler weather ... autumn leaves ... football ... college applications
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@LashaaThuggin Go support my nigga @aLOlifeWorld Bfpl treloC & Mobbshit sosa - livin life:""
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Getting to the bottom of what appears to be even the most triv... More for Capricorn
Having a BESTFRIEND that's actually your BEST FRIEND 😩🙊💯👫👯
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I Need Sum To Do Tomorrow . . .
I'm not bipolar I just remember shit out of no where & act on it, that's why my mood instantly change
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Don't check me bout the same shit you do.. 💀
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I peep EVERYTHING. I choose what I wanna speak on, & some shit just ain't worth it. But ian no fool..
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I Tend To Laugh At Shit & Keep It Moving .
It Was Good To C @WALKINGMILLIONS @shumake_23 @_Babybadger @markk1k & Others The Other Day . I Missed Yall !
You're tempted to execute a power play in order to gain recogn... More for Capricorn
Disrespectful 💕🎀
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You could find a voice that you didn't even know you had if yo... More for Capricorn
Good Morning Yall .
Jamming early in the morning giving me energy 😭🎧
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Lil Snupe & Speaker Knockerz Would've Killed It 💯🙌 RIP 🙏
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I just want to have a hotel party & turn up
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This was just the best cypher 😍😍😍😍😍😱They went in
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This Cypher Though >>>
Trust issues got me being cautious!
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young thug voice sound so hurt😰
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Young Thug vocals messed ALLLLL the way! 😂😂😂😂
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Still Screaming Fucc The Other Side . 😈
BET got a crip hosting it they know wassam 💙♿🚰🚹🅿😂😂
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"@LashaaThuggin: Where Rich Homie Shirt At Though ? 👀" right. Like bae we know you're cold@RichHomieQuann & congratulations baby ♥
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"@ForeverPRETTY__: gotta stop spending all of my money on food😤😕" this is meeeee 😩😩💯💯💯
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Dont get to attached🙅aint no telling who else they "just talking to" 😑😩
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We met for a reason. Either you're a BLESSING🔒✊🙌 or a LESSON✌💯👋
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Where Rich Homie Shirt At Though ? 👀
I got my tv all the way up..😂
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They Done Turnt Up w The Whip 😂👌
You have a wonderful chance to heal a relationship today, but ... More for Capricorn