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capricorn scorpio 3,866 followers
Night @_goldenuno 💤🌚✌
Night @tonybands__ 😴🌚✌
Night @stressnun_vontae 😴🌚
Good Night Ma'am @kaymahrie 😌😴✌
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Mark Ya Calendars ! be There Or Hear About It ✊💁
Shit So Temporary Nowadays , Smh .
Lil baby Killin Shit 😈🔫 , She Heard That Crime Pays 💸
All She Has Is Herself & She's Okay w That , Rather Chase Her Dreams 💫 Than These boys 😌
Your spirits may be lifted by good news today, or perhaps you ... More for Capricorn
New Orleans accents are sooooooooooooooo cute 😩😍
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You can't dog nobody out who you was therefore cared for && who you loved . You just can't
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"@iSmokeWeedSoWat: I'm not scared of commitment, just scared of committing to the wrong person."
when you fuck up 😫 the next nigga luck up🍀👫🙌❤️
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can't wait until everything falls into place.
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Humble😇 enough to know I am "NOT" better than Anybody Else...👌💯🙌 & Wise🙇 enough to know I am "DIFFERENT" from the Rest.. 💪🏆👌🙌💯
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"@PrettyTon_A1: If you don't lose followers. You don't tweet real enough. I lose followers everyday b💯💯"
"Im jealous about something my man did, but I aint tellin him. Im just gonna give him attitude & be a childish bitch all day" - females
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DO NOT . . I repeat . . . DO NOT come into my life if you're just gonna walk out . Nobody has time for that temporary BULLSHIT 💯✋✌
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