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January 5th ♑
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Your social and career ambitions are extremely important to yo... More for Capricorn
Good Morning Though 😌
Ain't This Sum Shit 😒
Woke Up A Hour Ago & Can't Go bacc To Sleep 😣
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You may grow annoyed with a close friend who seems overly need... More for Capricorn
What Color Should I Dye My Hair ?! 🙇
When people ask me why I never hit them up. 😂
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i will never cheat on somebody i wanna be with🌴👫💍💘😌
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Your uncertain future reflects your lingering fears. Even if y... More for Capricorn
You may have so many little chores to do today that you don't ... More for Capricorn
Not Really In The Mood Fa School Today 😒
Man , Its been Two Whole Years ... RIP Grandpa 😪
Leave your sense of duty behind so you can let your hair down ... More for Capricorn
people with the goofiest personalities have the worst temper 🔥
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I'm Ready To Graduate ! 😫
A luxurious sense of satisfaction temporarily releases you fro... More for Capricorn
😂😂 Caus@1ChiefaQueue ! Why Would I ?
@LashaaThuggin: 😂😂😩 This boy At The Gas Station Tried To Talk To Me . Smh .” 😂😂 why yeen talk
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😂😂😩 This boy At The Gas Station Tried To Talk To Me . Smh .
People might attempt to rain on your parade today, but you hav... More for Capricorn
Your resistance to distractions crumbles today as you grow inc... More for Capricorn
@LashaaThuggin: blacc Matte Range Rover 😍 @1ChiefaQuee: 11. Dream car ?"” 🙌🙌🙌
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😂😂😂 No I'm No@1ChiefaQueQue !
@LashaaThuggin: 5'0 . "@1ChiefaQue: 2. Height ?"” nah u like 4'7 😂😂😂😂
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Never Did That ! "@1ChiefaQue: 21. Last time u masterbated 😂😂 Keep it real"
107.9 "@1ChiefaQue: 20. Best radio station ?"
brownskins 💁 @1ChiefaQuee: 19. Light skins or dark skins ?"
Two . "@1ChiefaQue: 18. How many kids you plan to have ?"
EA6 . "@1ChiefaQue: 17. Where you from ?"
Apple . "@1ChiefaQue: 16. Apple or Android ?"
both 💁 @1ChiefaQuee: 15. IG or Twitter ?"
Uno . "@1ChiefaQue: 14. The most people you've dated at once ?"
Guwop ! 😈 @1ChiefaQuee: 13. Guwop or Jeezy ?"
Hmm 🙇 @1ChiefaQuee: 12. Wayne or T.I. ?"
blacc Matte Range Rover 😍 @1ChiefaQuee: 11. Dream car ?"
Ain't Nun Xigger Than That ♿ Ya Feel Me ? 😂 @1ChiefaQuee: 10. 🅱 or ♿️"
RHQ . "@1ChiefaQue: 9. Favorite rapper 🎤"