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Only If You Live In GA 👇
Owen Straight 😌👌 Aaron is going to be straight 🙏💯
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Pray for my bros Owen & Arron y'all going pull through 🙏🙌
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@LashaaThuggin I just talked to Devin . He said he Fenna find out what's going on then call me bacc & lemme know wassup . Cause he was sleep
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Fr Fr y'all WANNA BE street niggas needa wake df up & start making positive choices.
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bruuuuh Wdf going on ? & the fact that nun of these niggas answering the phone , it's really Fwm head & emotions !
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"@SayLilNesha: the streets ain't for everybody so some of y'all need to realize this 💯"
On Ch2 at Noon -- teen dead in Lithonia triple shooting. @SophiaWSB reports.
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I Can't believe Owen & Aaron Got Shot . I Just Can't 😒
Smh . Ima Pray Fa Them boys Man .
Paying attention to the details of your everyday routine has g... More for Capricorn
#honestyhour I be calm asf sometimes when I'm mad & people think I'm crazy 😴😴
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Woke Up & Now I Can't Go bacc To Sleep 😩
I Can't Let No Nicca Talk To Me Any Kind Of Way Fucc His Pussy Ass
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Having a friendship with someone you can insult without them getting offended, is one of the best friendships
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I Want Sum Zaxby's ! 😩
Feel Like I'm In Too Deep .