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Joy White
Check out Paul McCartney Tickets Giveaway from Winston Salem Journal - I just entered here!…
#thankful today that in two days we raised a thousand dollars to help a friend overcome #DukeEnergy's poor man fee.
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This fundraiser was started to help me with my power bill. Hugs to @CalvaryGirl Joy vs Duke Power… via @gofundme
THIS IS ME! Duke Energy bill deposit shocks Stokes Co. customer via @myfox8
Help me raise funds for Joy vs Duke Power, and read what @thriftshoppernc is having to deal with right now! #consnc
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Blue Moon Beer, teriyaki chicken, bacon cheddar potato skins and bacon wrapped asparagus.…
The view out my backdoor this morning. I expect vampires and werewolves and perhaps Sherlock…
rosettastone this is my jar of #halva I got it from a friend of mine for my birthday last year.…
We're celebrating my birthday a few days early so I can eat and drink and still function during the…
Some super #cool light up LED balloons that my mom sent me for my #birthday. #groovy
walked 1.0 mi in 21 mins and burned 112 calories on 8/21/14 at 2:02 PM with @Noom Total burned so far: 33847 calories!
The top is the marinated and the bottom is salted. Both are #delicious #grilling
Tonight we're #grilling Denver #steaks . These 4 are tenderizing under some Kosher salt.
Tonight we're #grilling some Denver #steaks . These 4 are marinating in some Lawrys steak marinade.…
I got Living Encyclopedia Of Music! Can We Guess Your Taste In Music?… via @perpetua @BuzzFeed
walked 1.2 mi in 21 mins and burned 124 calories on 8/13/14 at 2:14 PM with @Noom Total burned so far: 33242 calories!
walked 1.9 mi in 30 mins and burned 209 calories on 8/12/14 at 1:01 PM with @Noom Total burned so far: 33060 calories!
So, I unfollowed a ton of people. I got a little crazy with it. Please tweet me if I SHOULD follow you and accidentally unfollowed
@thriftshoppernc @contrarian11 @MikeWaxman1 I think killing has to come before screwing the goat to be halal
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@alanmteitleman a ceasefire is to prepare for the next fight. There will never be an eternal ceasefire until Palestine is liberated.
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I got a pair of #jeans at the flea market last week. This is what they say on the inside of the band.…
Yeah i'm certainly not able to pronounce this Hebrew Israeli beer :) rosettastone
#grillin is happening now! I've got marinated #chicken leg quarters on the #grill. It's raining and…
#grillin some #chicken in about an hour! Whoot! There's #Panthers #Football and beer later on.
walked 2.2 mi in 31 mins and burned 242 calories on 8/8/14 at 12:34 PM with @Noom Total burned so far: 32711 calories!
“In a nutshell, it’s this: one side wants the other side dead.”… #israel #ISupportIsrael #IsraelUnderFire
I made enough at the flea market to pay for some charcoal so we're #grillin and chillin.…
Rebekah made a tiny birds nest from modeling clay. What an #artistic and #crafty #kid!
Support Israel and IDF soldiers in Gaza… via @gofundme
I'm earning #mPOINTS Rewards in The Weather Channel.
Check it out! I donated to Support Israel & IDF soldiers n Gaza… via @gofundme #israel #IsraelInDanger #IsupportIsrael
Last year my mom gave me a birdhouse gourd. I was drying it on the roof of my well house, when a…
My best friend Alan! Wake Forest Student Studying in Israel Describes the Ongoing Conflict via @ShareThis #Israel