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Thom Yorke
a cracked vase easily broken
goodbye to the fisher king - u blew my mind when I was a kid.. rest peacefully :(…
time is such an awkward fellow .. him and the flies that surround him. uses antibacterial wipes when dealing with members of the public.
very sorry to hear about the death of Dj Rashad.. RIP...…
useless dull information does not start a revolution
you are simply my dumb possession, I shall do with you what I will.
they are caught up in a future that does not exist
The whole truth the Scorched earth The capacity to rebuild to reinvent The capacity for hope wire our brains together free thought!!!!!
ADVErTiSmUNT- just procured some @veeveeveeveevee KoolAD from band camp .. I now have a nice warm fuzzy feeling below... mm thank you
is there somewhere else that you'd rather be?
an old sea chest with locks and chains
Seize the day. Then beat it up for what it’s done to you.
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to make oneself vulnerable
Neonicotinoids for breakfast( for everyone)…
all that we want is this to be over we're shutting the hatches and freezing you out
your reputation your butterfly collection
Down is still Up. Soft is still soft. Lame is still Lame. Auto tune is still mind control. ..huh !I actually remember this.. banging on the fender Rhodes for rhythm while playing the bassline
neonicotinoid... word of the day children…