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Thom Crowe
IKEA is so much more fun when you're building a nursery.
Work for a really great great company with awesome people from anywhere in the world.…
Tonight @christinecrowe and I are showing our nephew #HarryPotter for the 1st time tonight. We're going to watch all 8 before he goes home.
It has been one exciting day. #lovemyjob
I’m excited to announce, I’m joining the CDS team at IBM.…
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This is Your Brain on Emojis. Here's How to Use Them in Your Marketing
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Just ordered our @TuftandNeedle bed last night, can't wait! Thanks for the recommendation @imathis, @jasonmccay and @hkfoster.
I'd rather watch Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 than Girls. #truestatment
How I Turned Autocomplete into Traffic & Ranking Results with 5 Hours of Effort: via @Moz
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I made a new little friend.
Great theological discussion this morning with the Ethiopian Orthodox deacon Uber driver. Now time to fly home.
Bummed I missed you tonight at the @buffer meet up @nmillerbooks
Apparently my pool strategy is to leave a bunch of my balls on the table to get in the way. #MozCon #notapoolshark
What does 10X content look like? Something like this Thanks @randfish #mozcon
You can still win with the old algo, but the new algorithm is the subset of humanity that interacts w/ your content. #MozCon @randfish
We're in a two-algorithm world. @randfish #mozcon
Top 10% of all content gets all the social shares and traffic. #MozCon @randfish
Don't ask how to make something as good as that. Instead ask how to make something 10x's better than anything else. #MozCon
New KPI: Shares & links per 1000 visits Unique visits / shares & links @randfish #mozcon
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SEO checklist for better engagement: content that fulfills conscious & unconscious need speed best UX on any browser @randfish #mozcon
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Driving up CTR through branding or branded searches may give an extra boost to rankings for non-branded searches @randfish #mozcon
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Drive CTR w/ branding or branded searches. @Wayfair tv ad encouraged people to do a branded search to raise rank. #Genius #MozCon @randfish
New on-site signals look like what publishers care about now: loyalty, time, relative CTR. Putting metrics in context will be huge. #mozcon
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Every element counts - make title, url, brand drop downs, domain, & meta description match what people are searching. #MozCon @randfish
Great idea, use Google trend graphs after running TV ads and look for spikes. #MozCon
Quote of the day, "I love it when I can mess with Google" - @randfish. #MozCon
We can't forget about the terminator @randfish. #MozCon
Nice reference! Google may be creating our Terminators (sorta) from @randfish. #mozcon #EndofHumanity #SkyNet
.@randfish Google's #MachineLearning is sounding more and more like #SkyNet. #SEO #MozCon
Google's last 3 years of improvements have erased a decade of old school SEO practices. @randfish #MozCon #ThanksObama
The hard thing about #MozCon is trying to decide what to implement first. #SoMuchGood
Move beyond the page like. Encourage your audience to share your content. It has a longer life span. @davidmihm #mozcon
You can't ask for Yelp reviews... but you CAN ask people to check in, & then the app will prompt them to leave a review @davidmihm #mozcon
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Chuck E Cheese boasting about beating Pizza Hut in a taste test is the equivalent of Kim Jong Un saying "I may be bad, but I'm no Caligula!"
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Y'all don't even know how badass this preso is gonna be from @davidmihm #mozcon
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I didn't know that Facebook was getting a billion search queries a day back in 2012! #mozcon
RT @ruthburr: Content about animals isn't about animals. It's about humans' empathy for animals -it's us at our best @courtneyseiter #MozCon
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i really appreciate @courtneyseiter touching on the negative side of #socialmedia as well as the pos. side. very real talk #MozCon
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RT @lkesler29 Social media has created virtual empathy. #mozcon

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