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#Xmas. #Christmas
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@MTNza LTE is so flippen fast. I've never seen my phone go on such crazy speeds
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Trusting God is more than what you can see. Walk by FAITH not by sight.
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I love and value you all!! Giving all thanx to God!!! Thank you guys!! I can never say it enough. I am blessed beyond comprehension 😘😘
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The unemployment rate for female veterans is nearly twice than that of male veterans. #NotFair
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People who have reliable spouses tend to make more money, get more promotions, and be more satisfied with their jobs.
Sometimes God removes things from our lives for our own protection. Trust in Him.
Girl: Stop talking to her, I don't like her. Guy: Ok, I don't want you talking to him him then Girl: But hes my friend
Life becomes so much better when you decide not to care and just live for the moment and not let the drama bring you down.
Associate yourself with men of good qualitity, for it is better to be alone than in bad company
My problem is I can't stay mad. I always end up forgiving people, even when they don't deserve it.
Sometimes you have to go through the worst in order to get to the best.
FACT: Spider-Man grew up at 20 Ingram Street in Queens. The address exists in real life, and the family that lives there is the Parkers.
Girl messes up guy's hair = cute. Guy messes up girl's hair = death.
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Xmas and I are just best friends!
When your grandma step in to stop your mom from beatin you
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It has to be an elephant RT @Nick_Hamman Burning Question: What is the strongest living creature on earth, pound for pound?
RT @LifeCheates: Appreciate the little things. When you look back on them, you'll realize they were the big things.
When a boy hits puberty, his body starts making 50 times more testosterone.
When life forces us to have problems, life forces us to learn, and learning forces us to grow.
On September 11, 1994 a man stole a plane and attempted to fly it into the White House, but crashed it into south lawn and died.
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I don't think there's a day that passes without anyone mentioning Ebola
I feel you man! #Muvhango RT @AubreyMalovhele: "Watching Muvhango with my Grandma neh...she always complains about everything"
True reflection of what is happening in real life,let's stop trusting those so called relatives and best friends are dangerous! #muvhango
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Lol! Marinated RT @manhlane: @PhathuMakwarela yesterday 's episode of #muvhango was scary ritual stuff,hai poor boy was marinated
Twitter has completely changed my life
I am really inspired of what @ProVerbMusic has made for himself. He is truly one of SA's most influencial people
Jesus has brought us life
This time, last year, everything was so different.
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Insecurity mentally destroys you.
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Another day, another chance to make yourself a success
The pink dog what was the name of the show RT @ChildhoodFacts: RT if you see your favorite show
All of Pixar's animated characters blink one eye at a time.
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Have some tea, get moving, drink more water. That's OUR kind of #detox:
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This guy has taste RT @NkanyeziKubheka: When I'm thirsty I drink Oros, Vodka, Rooibos
True to the power 5 RT @LyleandDebDukes: Your current challenge will introduce you to another side of God #KnowingGod #UnshakableFaith
We all wish it RT @Willow_theTree: Wishing someone would come make me breakfast in bed right now...
Read the bible and praise God
This song is dedicated to every1 who has shown their support to me and my friends #BossZonke #BoyznBucks
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