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#Leo can be rather lazy at times, and a little bossy too.
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When Dwayne Wade found out LeBron was signing with the Cavs
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LeBron James: I’m going back to Cleveland, goodbye Miami: Cleveland celebrates as the best player in the NBA r...
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Nigga's cheat on the wrong females
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i don't lose people , people lose me
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Oh well, not my problem 👐
Why tf do I still hear fireworks ?! 😒
Feelings? Where? 👐
SHORT GIRLS ARE CUTE 4"7😍 4"8 😍 4"9😍 4"10😍 4''11😍 5''0😍 5''1😍 5''2😍 5''3😍 5''4😍 RT IF YOU SEE YOUR HEIGHT
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I got a lot of anger built up smh 😤
@__RunDMC: Can't compliment women pictures anymore they think you thirsty so I compliment things around them in the picture” 😂😂
I need to get away from everybody & everything 😶
Nothing but the truth ‼️‼️👏
On another level tonight📶😎
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Ok look this aint twitter no more this the hood. And if any of you motherfucker say somthing crazy ima shoot the shit outta you
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It's not a single white person on my TL where they go 👀
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August, Trey, & Chris all on one stage should be illegal lol. Too much sexiness lmaoo 😩🙌💦
I just want my baby back 😩😫
Charmers face when he found out The Heat acquired Shabazz Napier 😂
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My whole body is aching with depression.
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Save some food and water for other humans, turn of your lights and conserve power for the next family who might need the energy - Lil B
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I can't watch the draft cause I got to work 😩😩
Stop blaming every1 else for shit that's your fault even if its 80% there fault and 20% your fault it never could of happened without ya 20%
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Morning motivation 👌 double shift today 👏💰💸
This single shit not so bad lol. I think I like it 🙌
My G's fo life 😂🙌👏👌 one more year!
Emoji 101: 😩 lawdddd 😫oh gooood 😴 I'm schleeep 😕 niggaaaa 😐 no comment. 😑really? 😏 i know 😳 ... 😒 fuck you 💁Flawless 🙅 no bitch 👀 lurkin
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I was stressed out but he always comes through when you need it!
God is so good 🙌
#ootd something simple 🎈
I barley tweet anymore lol.
Pacers let that one go smh .
If it don't apply, let it fly 💁👌
#facts #ifitdontapplyletitfly