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what's your favorite btob qoute? — "If you sleep, you will dream. If you don't sleep you will achieve your dream...
I love melody fandom so peaceful, so cozy. Less shits to deal with.
two faced bitches saying "don't bash other fandom" but they also talk shit other fandom lmao
omg Ukiss is so fucking hot
Lip syncing on simply kpop is uhmmm wtf shit
Peniel talking to me without words
watching simply kpop rn
Who's your bias? — I collect oppas
I forgot my luggage lock code 😭
Listening to beast good luck the lyrics are stuck in my head
the perfect date is when sungjae and i smash watermelons together with our heads yes
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btob's diary was 63% eating 30% idiocy 5% singing and 2% sungjae smashing his head into a watermelon
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My life is a joke and it's not funny
the youngest r always the most perv lbr here
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i love the melody fandom so much like it's so small (in a good way omg) that you can know everybody in it and get close with them
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Good moring tlist
im tired >>> s with peniel
if cube give a back to back comeback to other group then give btob short promotion i'm going to be cray cray no one can stop me
yah fyeah cube you can't have a double comeback on august! August is for btob srsly be fair to your artists!