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Aksgskhsjsvgs he's so fucking hot is this even legal
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Why do i get cold's during summer man. What do I even do with my life rn.
Hottie with a body.
Mood: Fuuuuuuuuuuck
“@17liibaan: @QueenArawelo you know when I secure a girl I look at my friends like” < LOOL 😂💯💯
You guys are so extra, Queen Simmy is actually cute uno.
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Someone be a doll and entertain me pls xx
"Send me pics" I swear this has to be the most annoying fucking thing you can say to me. I don't even want to talk to you after that.
Beauty isn't everything uno. Appreciate brains.
I like good boys, badasses just don't do it for me.
You know whats the worst? Sneezing on your period.
:( nahh. How can man ask for someone to cockblock him
“@ZiggZiggaa: @TheHus_ @OfficialFarirai COME MY YARD NOW ARE YOU MADDDD” someone cockblock me ?
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Make no efforts for those who make none for you.
No love lost, no love found.
“@A_Nuur7: How can one be this harsh? NO HEART WHATSOEVER 😭�” < :( Thats harrshhhhh
I'm ready to move on
Kisses to my rebound.
UK slang is so weird man
Someone tell me what BMT means?