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Aksgskhsjsvgs he's so fucking hot is this even legal
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Why do i get cold's during summer man. What do I even do with my life rn.
Hottie with a body.
Mood: Fuuuuuuuuuuck
β€œ@17liibaan: @QueenArawelo you know when I secure a girl I look at my friends like” < LOOL πŸ˜‚πŸ’―πŸ’―
You guys are so extra, Queen Simmy is actually cute uno.
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Someone be a doll and entertain me pls xx
"Send me pics" I swear this has to be the most annoying fucking thing you can say to me. I don't even want to talk to you after that.
Beauty isn't everything uno. Appreciate brains.
I like good boys, badasses just don't do it for me.
You know whats the worst? Sneezing on your period.
:( nahh. How can man ask for someone to cockblock him
β€œ@ZiggZiggaa: @TheHus_ @OfficialFarirai COME MY YARD NOW ARE YOU MADDDD” someone cockblock me ?
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Make no efforts for those who make none for you.
No love lost, no love found.
β€œ@A_Nuur7: How can one be this harsh? NO HEART WHATSOEVER 😭�” < :( Thats harrshhhhh
I'm ready to move on
Kisses to my rebound.
UK slang is so weird man
Someone tell me what BMT means?
β€œ@TheHus_:” < 😍 shes so perfect
β€œ@Remorse_1: "@QueenArawelo: @Remorse_1 trap? what do you speak of sir πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡" well there's only one way to find out...” 😁😁
You can chill in the DM's for a while uno...
Nope, fuck that never am I going into anyones after yesterday...
β€œ@FirdousBlahzay: Eyes” < Ma sha Allah, Ma sha Allah
I would say hit the DM's ..... but there's specific people I want in it 😩
I always get myself into awkward situations. Fuck man.
How can you just call me ethiopian tho 😩 nahhhh
"So many girls in relationships with single guys"
Nicki Minaj is perfect idgaf what anyone says.
I just found a story I wrote in grade 9. It's so gay omg, the grammar and spelling mistakes make me cringe. I cant believe people read it
Man fuck black people with green eyes. I'm so jealous of them :(
Grab the wall, wiggle like you tryna make yo ass fall off.
They want to see you do good, but never better than them
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I always laugh when some people put their @ names in their Avi's.... relax. no one one would Catfish with your pic, I promise.
β€œ@Remorse_1: All fat ppl are hilarious.” < true statement sir
Ive proper had enough of you.
You've been hit by, you've been struck by... a smooth criminal!
Youre gonna miss me when I'm gone.
"Do you speak American" really?
Texts that piss me off: 1. Yeah 2. Oh 3. Yup 4. Lol 5. Haha 6. K 7. Nope 8. Chillin 9. Naw 10. Send me a pic
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β€œ@Mo_mohamud1: Black girls I love y'all these Somali girls ain't shit more time they forehead bigger den they ass” < .............
"Send me some pics of you" No.
Bad boys aint shit.

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