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Thich Nhat Hanh
Congratulations to our Shambhala Sun friends for launching @LionsRoarOnline, the new online hub of #Buddhism.
Peaceful Fall Greetings from Deer Park Monastery #constantcontact
BCM Health and Healing Presentation: via @YouTube
A group of monastics are traveling through Latin America. Here's an update from Colombia - "A Rose for You" -…
In honor of Thay's 88th Continuation Day (10/11), we invite you to offer a present of the heart - send Thay your promise. #HappyContinuation
Our publisher has launched a book club for fans of Thay's books and authors inspired by him. Read with us at
Help make it happen for Build Clarity Hamlet… #indiegogo via @Indiegogo
The Practice of True Presence, dharma talk from Plum Village in Italian and English.
This is a Legendary Moment, a dharma talk from last month on love. Includes chanting.
Have you experienced Zenify? Open in your browser and enjoy.
Our publisher @ParallaxPress had a launch event for "Teach Breath Learn" with music and panelists. Check out part 1
Our Cosmic Body, a recent dharma talk from Germany.
Learn to use words mindfully, with loving kindness in @thichnhathanh's book, The Art of Communicating. Now in PB.
Thay offers profound new Heart Sutra translation, along with an explanation for the changes.…
Get a hoodie with calligraphy from our friends in Wake Up Ireland who are supporting young people in mindfulness.…
Breathing in, I hear my classmate speaking. Breathing out, I listen to what they say” from Teach, Breathe, Learn. Now at all booksellers!
Right Livelihood and True Love, a session of questions and answers.
Professor Buddha and the Bell, a dharma talk from EIAB this past month.
How can we listen with compassion & understanding? @thichnhathanh teaches us in The Art of Communicating. Now in PB.
"Happy teachers can change the world." @TeachBreathe will discuss how today at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 23:00 CEST! Send questions to #askmeena
The French Call It Amour - a dharma talk on love.
A Cloud in the Water, the final talk from the German Retreat
What is Truth? A session of Question and Answers.
Eating is a chance to return to the present moment. Learn how in this fun video on Thay's latest book @ParallaxPress
The Sky is Giving a Dharma Talk
Buddhism fully practiced is free from dogmatism.
Seeing with Buddha Eyes and the Noble Eightfold Path
Solidity and Freedom - German Retreat #dharma
Who Am I? A questions and answer session from Plum Village.
A mindfulness retreat in NY for US veterans needs your help. How to Truly Come Home. @Indiegogo
The Mark of Suffering: a dharma talk from Plum Village
Why Am I Myself? A session of Questions and Answers.
What is Man? A dharma talk from Plum Village.
The Cake in the Refrigerator, a question and answer session from Plum Village.
I Have Arrived. I am Home. A dharma talk.
What is Happiness? A question and answer session from Plum Village.
Our Appointment with Life - new dharma talk posted.
We still have space at the "Understanding is Love" retreat at @eiab in Germany this August. Open to all.…
My new sounds: Five Year Program And Becoming A Monastic… on #SoundCloud
Feed and Nourish our Happiness, a dharma talk from Magnolia Grove Monastery this past fall.…
How do I stay in the present moment when it feels unbearable? This is #5 in a series of responses on Facebook.…
The third in a series video responses to questions from Facebook followers has been posted on World Suffering.…
We are celebrating a million likes on Facebook by answering questions. The first is "How do I love myself?"…
The Five #mindfulness Trainings. A dharma talk in Barcelona for educators.…