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Jodye Metroid
Want to Grow Your
Social Media, Free?
Fuck her in the mouth then kiss her
Benzo a day keeps the Anxiety away
Remember the latest , I stay with the latest, we never gone lose
Cup full of Xannies and a bottle of Advil
Acid trees we play in
Virtual Lifestyle
Remember when niggahs was on that fuck shit Never showed no love shit
Scarlett Johansson πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Fresh out the now shit, im not a advocate, lean has more adventure, some like a activist
I'm not from this planet, Just a Bandit that piss Promethazine from this styrofoam that got me feeling lavish
You dont have heart, you dont have no worth Only Trill niggahs I know
tanks in your front yard , beam like πŸ”₯
No heroes left in this M.A.A.D City
Loving this here is wrong , but it feels nice #hiii
Rolling the Chronic I am the Shaman
Lost focus of how high I was, now I just float
Dreaming on a Lucid High
Peanut Butter Savage Shit
Lets talk about M'$
I'm the one who kept it kool with these niggahs till these niggahs started acting
And to think because we was family, that alone made me trusted, remember your loyalty
Money rule the world but you can't pay God with it
Trapped in a world that doesn't exists
Glass Table Girls 😍😍😍
Wrist , wrist , wrist
Free lines causing habits
mΓ©dicaments que vous montrez essaient
Trying to keep this up dont seem so simple
Xannies and Spliffs
Fucked your heart and you turn on me
Venture Brothers Go!
Wesley Snipes no Nino
Trying to find my way back home, think I been gone Way to long
Jiggy niggah in D$GNR
Fires flooding Marijuana fields to drown out reality
I screwed up now im drinking syrup ,
I greet you at the door , you best friend is leaving out the back ,no love lost right?
Late nights are my mornings
Slow tides in codeine oceans
Unaware of the area but familiar to the routes
You became lonely, I became a druggie
Flashbacks are deadly you can get your throat slit while trying to see who is stabbing you in the back,
The last time is always the best time, no days sober
It's Monday and I can't feel my face, yyaayyy wake and bake
Dreams survive the night ,so does my high and you
NEVER RUN . . .unless you got warrants
Floating past the passion clouds of tomorrow
False Prophets Militia hmmmm. . .

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