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Nothing left but infinite space and stars
My mind is a playground for social substances to spark creativity
Trust me, and hope that I can do the same
Roads leading to everywhere always stops at dead-ends ,remember who you are, where you are, and believe
Every reality is only a vision of what be, only your imagination can make your action manifest. . .#HighSociety
Be conscious, understand the Neverminds before you go nowhere
I think I found something worth keeping, give me time and my steelo
The love in your veins tell me you need me. . .believe
Hours seem like only mere seconds as we thrive as one
Remember me as I were, because what I am now is nevermore . . .
You believe in something else, I seen the future and its over, the destruction of a perfect love
Dreams are an escape route for our thoughts and creativity
Believe I will solve everything and make you pain go away, there's no rules to this life darling
You can't go home alone again, need someone to ease the pain, together we can stay high, all the time so let go. . .
Case me in Gold, and lock me within the vault of your mind
Pray yourself from time, nothing more, nevertheless
Even in this crowd of my Friends, I can help but feel alone, what happened to we. . .
Save me from your love, and spare me your time
Reality is only real if you believe
From nowhere to Nevermind
Find the moon soul, and there you will find me
For every Mother there's a soul made of infinite wonders. . .
Every Rose Require something more than the usual
Hiding within plain sight today. . .