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Tom Nash
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So @tutandgroan now comes with the approval of Britain's Premier Nazi Hunter. Two thumbs up.
All other retweets shall pale in comparison forever more... Thanks @nazihunteralan!
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Ooh, a new follower. Exciting. Oh, they follow 30000 accounts and have 29000 followers. Never mind.
I thought Bono could get fucked before it was trendy...
Bono worth $600 million, uses the law to minimise his tax, but gave up a couple of hours yesterday afternoon so he can lecture us #BandAid30
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Young people don't realise how hard idiots had to work to let everyone know they were a complete moron before Twitter.
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When we say there's plenty more to come, we mean it!
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Out walking the dog. Lad passes us. "Walking the dog, eh?" He says as my faith in the future of humanity flatlines.… any Tories tried to justify this yet? I have popcorn at the ready.
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Tiny person trains tiny dog pupdate (Vine edition)
Tiny person trains tiny dog pupdate
No new toon today so we're sharing a few. personal favourites, like Cock Fight
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Client called me unemployable then offered me more work... K.
“The king is dead” Reggie sighed.
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Place I'm working at has finally changed the radio station from Capital. Someone must've realised none of us are 13 year old girls...
Getting political on here just feels wrong. How some of you do it on a Sunday morning will never make sense to me...
Made in Chelsea. Life is Toff. Posh Pawn. Posh People. Grand Designs, even. Escape to the Country too, probably... And the rest. ENOUGH
Can't help but wonder what good TV channels churning out shows about rich cunts is doing. Not much, judging by my language...
She said 'ha' and it was soooooo Mrs Krabappel. Must find out.
Watching Magnum PI just to wait for the credits and prove to myself that Tress McNeil is guest starring.
Going for a smoke...
First day with a vaping doo-dah and I think I've fucked it. Centre pin, flooded atomiser bollocks on Google is not helping. BOOOOOOO.
20 cartoons deep now. Got a lot more to come too.
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Yesterday's was filler but I do like today's @tutandgroan cartoon. The simple ones seem to work the best.
Imagine if the poppies became sentient and fucking ate him.
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What's that? You want another bee cartoon? Done. Bee Gone
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It's nice of characters in things to remind other characters what their favourite things are.
"I made exposition- your favourite." typed the hack.
One of the main stages of the creative process is the 'God I'm shit at this' stage. The trick is to have the confidence it's just a stage.
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Turned up at 8am. 4 hours later, geezer I am meant to be meeting is still not here. Professionalism.
Neighbour swearing at paramedics treating patient because he can't get into his parking space. Classy fella.
Never thought you could *hear* a vacant gaze until I heard the Diet Chef lady's voice when she says 'pasta salad...'