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Tom Nash
Tis the season of unexpected bills. Boooooo.
Watching something and the host is pronouncing the L in 'folk' and saying 'folk' a lot. My eye twitch is back.
The dog just sniffed my dressing gown and gagged. Not the brightest moment of my day.
How I feel about the Sainsbury's ad has been neatly summed up by this comic
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The cover of the Bugsy Malone song the Save the Children advert uses doesn't make it easy to do the 'DA DA DA DA-DA-DA-DA' bit but I manage.
At least Palace are consistently inconsistent...
Stoke fans still boo Aaron Ramsey? Fair play, it was very cuntish of him to break his leg like that.
See what I did there?
Have noticed a trend that worries me. People redrafting and posting the same tweet more than once.
Noticing a worrying trend of folk redrafting and posting the same stuff multiple times.
Same lack of getting it stretches to choosing to listen to John Humphrey argue with some MP cunt on the radio at the crack of sparrows.
What I don't get is how someone can wake up and almost immediately start composing 'cameronmustgo' tweets. Can't the outrage wait a bit?
There are lots of things to be angry/outraged about, I know and understand that...
"Mmmm, this is ni... AAAAARGHHH.... KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT"
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"What do you mean 'sitting weird'?" pupdate
"We noticed your life insurance policy is due for renewal." "I don't have one." "Huh. Well, would you like to take one out?" Nice try.
My cartoon account @tutandgroan is always after some follows. #ff
I keep going back to that article, reading this bit, and wondering why we haven't picked up the pitchforks.
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New toon tomorrow. Till then, here's a reminder of our recent posts, such as Pothead
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The dog just did a noisy fart for the first time ever. So proud.
If Braveheart was played on a loop in the run up to the vote, Scotland would've gone for independence. Someone missed a trick.
Bad back saved me from a frustrating night at Selhurst Park.
I got the 'hurt my back and can't go to the football tonight' blues.
The neighbour who coughs like she's trying to bring up a lung is out. She really ruins the mood of smoke breaks...
Had two dinners today. I feel like I should get a prize or something.
Have a venison steak. Want a sauce with it. Have no red currant. Do have raspberry jam. That'll work, right?
Grayson Perry checked out some @tutandgroan cartoons. That's pretty cool.
"@graceloubeauty: Has a lovely fiance, letting me sleep in and then bringing me tea :-) #saturdayrelaxing" Talking about me, she is.
Tip for Black Friday sales vultures: if it has blood on it when you get to the cash register, you can get even more money off the list price
Twitter adding the option to send to DM or share a promoted tweet is charmingly optimistic, really. But no- dismiss, dismiss, DISMISS.
Sometimes young boys on Facebook send me rape threats, so I've started telling their mothers.
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