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Tom Nash
Hangeland getting the train after the match. Lad.
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Of all the items to teef. People are the fucking worst.
Lovely day for it (some cunt smashed the window and nicked the gear knob... yep)
Worked out that changes happen here if you throw a tantrum so I did and things are. Hmph
Bravely posted to Reddit again as I believe in today's creation. Click the link to knock us down a peg.…
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'Lack toast and tolerant'
So lassi is some good shit. Tasty.
In Bruges is such a good film. Love it.
Have you seen how much Sharon's bar charges for one cocktail?? Less than a pound's change from a tenner! In East London!! #eastenders
Only joking- fuck the rugby.
Bet all the people critising Corbyn weren't standing to attention in their living room during the national anthem, like I was. *Salutes*
Braved a post on Reddit. Do ya boy a solid and upvote, eh?…
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it's literally a picture of a man standing on the site of the massive terrorist attack he failed to stop…
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Two months without tobacco... REALLY missed it today. Must. Stay. Strong.
Makes sense. Calling out cunts for their cuntiness is a very left wing thing to do.…
"Thank fuck for the Screenwriter's Book of Cop Out Clichés." said the #EastEnders production team, smirking.
A T&G classic, dusted off and hauled out of the archives…
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What's next- a health minister who jogs and eats well? The fucking cheek...
Focus on the vegan-ness of the new shadow cabinet member lols
Client called McInerney. Everyone here calls him McInery and it makes me want to punch kittens...
Give it a rest, Dave, you fear-mongering shitfuck...…
If you were at the #Muse gig at @EBallroomCamden and found this - tell @1VoiceInMillion! (pls retweet)
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My man in the middle travelled from Manchester to London dressed like that...
Trampy looking young dude in front of us at #cpfc *actually* has a fly buzzing around his head. Gross.
Tired of being hit on all the time? Are you fed up with having sex? Ever wish more people hated you? Maybe it's time you tried puns Puns™
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I think Chelsea have got enough to stay up
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Forgot to put a nicotine patch on. Not the best day to do so. STRESSED
First hour of work today has lasted longer than the six months since I started here.
Being forced to sit through #dttb. I hate these people. Especially the bride's mum.
Poorly dog. Concerned Tom.
Sitting next to a dude who has narrated EVERY SINGLE THING HE HAS DONE for the last THREE HOURS. I may do some murdering.
.@graceloubeauty just told me the England score is 'zero-zero'. No idea what she means...
Booked director to see a customer at 1pm. Today he informs us he can't do it as he has booked a haircut... FACE
Till then, shit cartoons will do... @tutandgroan

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