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Tom Nash
Graham is having his nuts off today. A lickle hernia sorted too. And his last baby tooth out. Plus he's getting chipped... He's a trooper.
Don't let this fool you, baths are rubbish pupdate
Watched 'Marvellous' this afternoon. Wonderful story, beautifully told. On iPlayer now.
Today, the Tories will attack the Human Rights Act. Please read, and circulate, this Bingham speech on the Act:…
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Nothing makes you feel creepy and weird like your niece refusing to identify you when you arrive to pick her up from pre-school.
Anuvahood is unsurprisingly terrible, innit blud.
When did Waitrose start selling cannabis plants?
Drove an Audi this week. They fucking *DO* have indicators.
On pitch interview CRINGE #cpfc
Think they're in the pub beer garden. Classy.
Can hear children playing. Am judging their parents.
What's Chetna doing? No one else's matters. #gbbo
The stuff of nightmares right there.
Not long before that, a pigeon tried to fly into my face. It's been a strange day.
Just walked past a bloke who had fallen asleep in his van... While queuing at a set of lights...
Attention rappers: do your research so your boasts aren't weird, creepy and probably not what you'd want to be associated with.
Lyric in song goes 'I'm kind of a Dahmer...' You kill men, have sex with their corpses and keep various body parts around your house? Eww.
Julian Speroni, you dreamboat.
They think a courtyard surrounded by houses is a wise place to smoke spliffs. So cute.
Now the girls have left and matey seems to have forgotten how his lighter works... People are scared of teenagers? Why? They're adorable!
Little lads outside the flat trying to impress some girls with a joint. So sweet.
Make Glasgow’s right wing bigots look more glamorous with the addition of a handbag and some make-up.
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Does anyone around Bristol know of anyone looking for a junior web design role? I'm looking to recruit for my team -…
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Lack of email access getting silly now. Missing important stuff.
Peugeot motor cars boast the turning circle of a small country.
A referendum when? About what??? You'd think someone would've mentioned it...
I just want to know if the ducklings ever came back.
If you join in with the song a nursery walking train is singing as they stroll, you're weird, apparently... This fucking country.
Haven't been able to see any photos or pics since the last app update. Anyone recommend an alternative?
Lazy pre-Palace morning with the boy.
Tiny person meets tiny pup, part 3
Puppy is sleeping. Baby too. Three year old is occupied and quiet. BOSH. Hurry up, 4pm
The calm before the storm...
Managed two hours before I drove a van into an expensive car. Goooooooo, TOM!
Why do they keep calling Simon Fromblue 'Simon Webb'?
Ever growing impression that #indyref no campaigners would struggle to convince a starving man to eat.
Bark still needs work pupdate
Twitter CFO says a Facebook-style filtered feed is coming, whether you like it or not… Beginning of the end?
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Work today is reading stories. More jobs like this, please!
Selected for a random spot check at the Ikea Croydon self checkout. A new low.
Sod it, bussing out that photo again...