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Tom Nash
Why do they keep calling Simon Fromblue 'Simon Webb'?
Ever growing impression that #indyref no campaigners would struggle to convince a starving man to eat.
Bark still needs work pupdate
Twitter CFO says a Facebook-style filtered feed is coming, whether you like it or not… Beginning of the end?
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Work today is reading stories. More jobs like this, please!
Selected for a random spot check at the Ikea Croydon self checkout. A new low.
Sod it, bussing out that photo again...
Apparently I'm looking after a seven month old and a 3 year old next Friday. Not forgetting the clingy puppy. JOY.
Here's that errant c: c. Chuck it where it was needed.
But stopping a narrative to devote two pages to desribing a room is a bit much, right?
I am an impatient reader.
Descriptions of stuff in novels can be beautifully done but I do find myself shouting "JUST GET ON WITH THE STORY" at the page a lot...
Last RT is a GREAT idea.
Dreamy fella just got shot at close range with a pump action shotgun but just has a tiny shoulder wound. BOOOOO, shitty daytime movie.
One of the characters just said she sent her fella to a psychiatrist to get him to marry her... The fuck?
If course, all her friends ask when she will date again as dishy office bloke takes an interest. I think he's going to fix her. Yay blokes!
Awesome film on Channel 5. Woman's fella dies in plane crash, she gets sectioned, then a new job- which becomes her life...
Ok, so one of the batteries may have fallen out of the laser pen the other day. Works fine. Now I have guilt about my shitty ebay review.
So this is why Sky Sports haven't reported from the Palace training ground in over an hour #cpfc
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"If you don't want nude pics leaked, don't take nude pics with your phone —" *Tasers you* *steals your shoes* SHOULDN'T WEAR SHOES BRO
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How come I need to close Firefox in order to update Word, eh @Microsoft? Eh? EH????
Ah, the glorious outraged. Drawing your attention to things that would usually pass you by and including hashtags to help find said things.
Going through old notebooks. Things just took a disturbing turn...
Let's not look at the table, eh? Three games into the season is POINTLESS. #motd
Headless Ned aside, #GoT #Funko collection is now complete.
So, thanks for that gem, Parcelforce bloke. Don't start that dog training school just yet, eh?
"If he doesn't listen, grab his scruff," He says, grabbing Graham's scruff. "It won't hurt him." "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" says Graham...
Parcelforce bloke decided I needed some tips on training the dog...
"Torres ends Chelsea hell" Won the Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup Earned £1m/month for 3.5 years Truly, the stuff of nightmares.
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This person has described the colour of something as 'burnt sienna'. So... it's brown then. Time waster.
Group of 'lads' walk past discussing the best way to apply fake tan... Being a teenage boy is different now, eh?
Fast Show reference (for the youngbloods).
*falls down the stairs*
Have since finished reading We3. Powerful stuff. Would recommend to anyone who likes beautiful, well written graphic novels.
#amreading We3. About halfway through. Tis very interesting. You read it @BUNCHofSTEVE, @M6_D6?
The laser pointer that cost me one whole pound is rubbish. Out-fucking-rageous.
Yep, you never expect precision from someone who builds things, Paul, you colossally patronising thunderbollock... #gbbo
New media companies who adopt the old media idea of having to live in London to work for them are worse than 'cuddly' Tories.
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If you've been ringing a doorbell for 10 minutes, you'd assume there's nobody in, right? Not the cunt trying to get into the flats next door
"@CPFC: Neil will be announced as manager at 1.05pm @NETELLER" is what they mean.
I'll try that again...