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Tom Nash
Six cartoons now up on @tutandgroan. Got a soft spot for bad jokes? Plenty more to come. Follows appreciated too👍
Not even a week has passed and I've already designed a fuck off great badge to wear that says 'No, I don't want to talk about weddings'
Provide insight or entertainment or piss off, Mikey Wax. Cock.
Pre-order Sheist Khrist's Cold Winter album. Here --- > RtRt
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U2 is music for people who think drinking coffee after midday is risk taking.
U2 are to music what undercooked chicken is to solid, well-formed stools.
Hear that? That's the sound of the nation switching over from BBC One. #U2
Ooh- quick. The lady doing the weather on BBC One- my mum's friend's sister taught her you know. #namedropping like a champ.
Heard about Sheisty Khrist's new album. Ordered @sheistykhrist's new album. No brainer.
"We cannot have people loafing about, doing nothing & expecting the state to finance their lifestyles.'' - Lord Freud
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Art (very much not by me).
At the beach pupdate
I know all the cool kids hang about over here, but if you're that way inclined, there is a T&G Facebook page:
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Needed new jeans. Went to all the cool places. All skinny fit/pockets on knees/just shit. Found decent ones in BHS. Died inside a bit.
"@ben_cameron: Family bears" @Syph79, you should check out Mr Cameron's work. Tis awesome.
Today's cartoon without the need for a link click. FISH TANK.
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Proposed to the better half. She said yes. Smiles.
Interesting choice of images on your M4 Anti-IS protest article, @BBCNews...
My next @tutandgroan drawing is up RTs, follows & even confidence-shattering insults welcome.
Royal Mail want to help me complain about Ooof the Postman. He's gonna shit on my post, isn't he?
Third time the @RoyalMail postman has tried to break the babygate, leaving it open for the dog to escape. NOT COOL, @RoyalMail
A little sideline I'm trying. Search 'Tut and Groan' then prepare to do just that.
My first @tutandgroan piece is up. Worked on it for months. Be gentle.…
People still add .com to how they are feeling and that makes me want to hurt someone...
Dogs turn meerkat toys into nightmare fuel.
#RoyKeaneHates drawings by small children.
#RoyKeaneHates puppies and kittens and rainbows and cuddles.
Five months later pupdate
I will say ziss only once (well maybe twice). My book is out today. If by some twist of fate you'd like to read it:… x
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Been paid! Twelve hours after third email and only seven weeks late. If only it was always this simple...
I am using IE for a job. The software will not work with anything else. I may kill tonight.
I don't mean 'best', do I? I mean 'most fucking annoying'...
The best bit about taking time out to chase payment is how it delays the earning of more money... #Freelance fun.
Oh, they do. Good. I'll give them till lunch to reply to my email...
*checks to see if client has a Twitter account so I can include them as I bitch about how shit they are at paying freelancers on time*
It's all about the homonyms, baby.
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Tut and Groan is a series of rubbish wordplay cartoons by @thewritetomnash. Coming soon.
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