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Tom Nash
So once this Python event is done with, can we stop pretending the dead parrot sketch is funny?
Someone wrote that MadBid advert. Someone else signed off on it. These are facts.
Another tiny person meets tiny dog pupdate
Just to clarify... With an 'e': to make lighter. Without an 'e': electrical discharge produced by a thunderstorm.
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I just wish someone from London would tweet a picture of the sky.
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Graham cools off pupdate
Even doing nothing has been an effort today.
Think i've cracked this lolling about doing fuck all...
Opening puppy's stair gate proved too intellectually challenging for the postman so he attempted to destroy it. Cock.
The "ho's ho network", eh? Go on...
For the sake of our remaining collective humanity, how about we don't RT photos of the victims in the field, their passports, etc. #mh17
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Just found out the neighbour who stops to watch Graham poo is a writer... Bet he's a Palace fan too. Must. Avoid.
Nnnnngggghhhhhrrrr pupdate
Another day, another shitty hair to extract from the puppy's aris... LIVING THE DREAM.
Graham hates Mondays pupdate.
Are exchange students issued with day-glo t-shirts and bright yellow backpacks before they set off on their adventures?
That German manager guy. I bet he’s got the fucking COOLEST kitchen appliances. Stainless steel, boiling water tap, Nespresso, the LOT.
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Well done, Germany. A country that understands that to be a serious football nation you have to develop your best players. Not buy them
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Those players should check their watches haven't gone walkies after shaking hands with those Fifa officials
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That Bastien Schweinsteiger is good, @CEO4TAG. Maybe a cheeky enquiry in the morning, eh? What?
Euro2000. England + Germany both crash out of same group. German FA overhauled everything. English FA did not. Now look. 14 years, pays off.
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Jessica Fletcher's ability to be in soft focus when on screen alone is the enduring mystery of Murder She Wrote.
Netanyahu is right. Hamas should stop firing rockets from densely-populated areas & fire them from one of Gaza's vast national parks instead
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