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i like - VIDDY… (giveaway!): A DIY, screenprinted & diecut by hand, pinhole camera made of... | thejealouscurator
Compassion Crew – Master of the Gentlemanly: 6 minutes in a train meeting good people. ... Cool post fr BLDGWLF
i like - lucy driscoll: Simple. Quiet. Gorgeous. This is the work of UK based collage arti... | thejealouscurator
i like - karen margolis: Yesterday I featured a molecular biologist turned painter… and to... | thejealouscurator
Ride On: Ride On 2014 is an art show charity event that opened on Saturday, Nov 22 in P... Cool post fr BLDGWLF
i like - claerwen james: Claerwen James is a British artist… who originally trained to be ... | thejealouscurator
i like - naomi vona: These are the original mixed media works of Naomi Vona. She’s an Ital... | thejealouscurator
i like - brooks salzwedel on sebastian foster: Oh. The work of LA based artist Brooks Salz... | thejealouscurator
i like - chris wood: Whoa. These are glass wall panel installations by UK based artist Chr... | thejealouscurator
Ddr2 memory is phase out in sham shui po hows that?
i like - saatchi art … two for you, two for me!: Confession: When it’s 1am and I don’t hav... | thejealouscurator
i like - 2014…: Ok, this was hard. I love absolutely everything that I’ve got stocked in m... | thejealouscurator
i like - pawel przewlocki: Um. These are paintings. Really, really perfect PAINTINGS. Acry... | thejealouscurator
i like - #givebooks (a pledge & a giveaway!): So, who wants to win ten books? YES, I SAID ... | thejealouscurator
i like - sean molloy: Old meets new… and they fall madly in love! This is the work of Iris... | thejealouscurator
What a cool pack of cigarette I found in the shop #noblewinecellar
i like - ping-pong: claire & agata: I love this so much. I have written about both of thes... | thejealouscurator
A an #dunno #penandink #character #drawing #tegning #artist_community #artnerd #running #artart6 #doodle
Back at blip thanks to Faye. Fiona Apple - Across The Universe…
Oh ! new updated gmail app
Incredible New Photos Taken From the Surface of a Comet | WIRED
I still remember the first time I tasted #Aquitania reserve ,it has that cranberry n sugarcane .Great with my burger.
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i like - mark feiler: Flat, quiet backgrounds. Beautifully painted figures… sigh… sketchy ... | thejealouscurator
Art Installation Turns Coca-Cola Back Into Pure Drinking Water | WIRED
Yoko Ono performing a unique rendition of the Katy Perry's tune Firework
Finally, Science Explains Why No One Can Lift Thor's Hammer | WIRED
Microsoft patches critical 19 year old windows bug…
This App Will Train You How To Read A 120,000-Word Novel In 2 Hours…
Countdown to one of the most daring space science missions ever: Rosetta probe set to launch lander at comet:
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i like - jeffrey dell: This is either a series of stunning screenprints, or a party that I... | thejealouscurator
The World's Biggest Corn Maze Is So Hard That People Are Calling 911 From Inside…
When Should You Pee During Interstellar? -- Vulture
What?! If you post a photo of the Eiffel Tower on Facebook, you could be fined…
A brief history of Japanese illustration…
Iron Sky The Coming Race - Teaser #1 (Official): via @YouTube
i like - will cotton: Chocolate, cake, cotton candy clouds! Oh, I want to live in the suga... | thejealouscurator
"7 Years of Daily Drawings in a 2500 Page Book by Artist Ruben Steeman"…
Kennedy Town & HKU MTR Set To Open Next Month
"Instagram finally lets you edit photo captions"…
i like - yusuke yonezu: Oh, the sweet & whimsical drawings of Japanese artist/children’s i... | thejealouscurator
i like - maser: Yes. I need to refuel my car here, and only here. “No.27 – A Nod to Ed Rus... | thejealouscurator
Wedding Fair starts today at 12 pm convention center look for our booth #noblewinecellar #hongkong
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