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i like - juan fontanive: Sigh. I could look at these amazing pieces, by New York based art... | thejealouscurator
i like - natasha law: Ok, I did not know that gloss paint on paper could look this sexy… w... | thejealouscurator
Typwriter -i have neen wanting to draw one lol. Here's my promise yendisayad hope u like it.…
i like - ted feighan: It’s true. I have a thing for plant/flower collages. I collect vinta... | thejealouscurator
i like - maud vantours: GAH!!!!! That was almost all I could muster for this post. Either ... | thejealouscurator
New high score on flappy bird 13 hahha
i like - cassia beck: So fun! Well, except for that lady that is currently drowning in a s... | thejealouscurator
i like - jennifer davis … joyride: Oh, yes! I want to swing on those swings, under those l... | thejealouscurator
i like - richard butler: Oh. So, so gorgeous. These haunting portraits are the work of UK ... | thejealouscurator
i like - nick dilallo: I love numbers, and I love New York … so yes… I love this photo ser... | thejealouscurator
i like - david imlay: Oh boy. Everyday street corners, old cars, simple homes… yep, my mun... | thejealouscurator
i like - erin althea: Who wants to play a quick round of ‘eye spy with my little eye’ on t... | thejealouscurator
I saw Norte the end of history yesterday 4hrs movie and dinner with lav diaz ,moira, hazel and arnel . :)
Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance!: via @YouTube
i like - connecting the dots in NYC: I just got back from New York last night. It would be... | thejealouscurator
Sir Anthony Hopkins Hears The Waltz He Wrote 50 Years Ago For The First Timeé-…
i like - römer + römer: A long time ago I minored in Art History. I had a thing for impres... | thejealouscurator
i like - anna jensen: I think I had this dream once… yep, one too many purple macarons bef... | thejealouscurator
i like - samantha fields: POW! Stunning, large-scale, air brushed PAINTINGS of fireworks! ... | thejealouscurator
i like - anthony gerace: Remember those little puzzles where you had to slide the squares ... | thejealouscurator
"What The Walking Dead's Zombies Are Actually Eating" #thewipe
i like - emily proud: There is something very calming about these washy, simple, abstract ... | thejealouscurator
BLDGWLF x Hedof – Limited Edition Sticker Series: In collaboration with Netherlands-bas... Cool post fr BLDGWLF