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Voldar T. Barbarian
There's a rock in my shoe. Instead of taking off my shoe, I'll just tweet about it and keep walking.
Trying to cut back, I only ate four cookies today Unrelated, I've decided, if it fits in your mouth, a stack of five cookies counts as one
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Re: The Ending of GoT last night. There is now a lake outside full of testosterone, salt and sadness.
When you remove your muffler from your bike it's like telling the world you need a bike to vibrate your clit & balls for you.
RT @neonumbra What? No drunk texts? People! I am very disappoint!
Someone's listening to a kid bop version of Fun's "Some Nights" I'm boiling hot oil now.
Why Seth MacFarlane's Oscars were mean spirited and misogynistic, coming up next after our review of the worst dressed women.
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Can we agree that someone built a weather machine and is using it against us?
If "political correctness" is the worst thing that happens to you on any given day, that's 'cause you're on top of food chain. You'll live.
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Smash! RT @drgrist For all the talk of "humorless feminists," no one is more humorless than a macho guy when gender norms are threatened.
Redit: a mix of people. Professionals and kids. Tumblr: undersexed but tallented kids 4chan: trollololololo
I like how I Supernatural just grabs random names and terms to use. It's as cute as those butt chins the boys have.
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Real men can get pussy without force. RT @BuzzFeed Indian Men Wear Skirts To Protest Country's Rape Culture
4 of 5 stars to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
I'm not sure I want any part of a god who thinks it's cool to collect foreskins of his male followers.
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If I die cuz of a drunk driver, fuck forgiving them. Kill them for me. Thanks!
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Well there goes my before the "end of the world" excuse to fuck.
Anyone who watches A Charley Brown Christmas then buys the crap from the show missed the point.
Can't wait to watch the first hour of Man of Steel and learn how Clark Kent becomes Superman! Nobody spoil it for me.
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3 of 5 stars to The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock... by John Joseph Adams
Life is like a box of chocolates. It's really bad for you.
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This will be an unpopular statement but the internet has lead to better sex. Doubt me? Hook up with a geek younger than 36.
“Scientologists sure are crazy,” I thought as I washed down a cracker made from the body of a 2000 year old Jew with a swig of his blood.
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