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The Soup
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Let's give them an imaginary hand, folks
Basically, "Slednecks" is a show about classy people.
We're LIVE tonight at 10e/7p but first, on a very special Dr. Phil...
Things we know to be true: We're LIVE tonight at 10e/7p and Deena's reunion hair was very unique..or was it?!
Keep your eyes open for a new LIVE @TheSoup this Wednesday, 10pm East | 7pm West on E!
Read Rob's balls, people. We're going back to Fridays!
Here's another screenshot from the show Virgin Coaches. We'll let you fill in the blanks. #TheSoup
We just met Mick Dodge, but we have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him soon. #TheSoup
That Kim magazine needed a new title.
Bong or horn? Find out TONIGHT on The Soup LIVE 10e/7p.
Take a look at what's on the table. Now take a look at the title of the show...See you tonight. LIVE 10e/7p
Ain’t nobody callin’ you, Katherine Heigl. Stop playin’. The Soup is LIVE tonight at 10e/7p
Actually, that's just impressive. Kids draw the darnedest dicks:
See if you can spot the missing prop in our Clip of the Day:
And we had to put the dog down because of your soufflé.
We think "Slednecks" might just be a secret campaign to make kids take English class seriously.