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The Soup
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Thanks again to the masterful @wendimclendonco! Catch @TheGoldbergsABC Wednesdays at 8:30
This whole thing was still less suggestive than Gold Rush Alaska.
Simple solution, switch that R to an H and add an S and you're just really into hobbies. Like making poor decisions.
Yep. This is okay. This is fine. Everything about this is fine.
One of the better people on the planet-- @wendimclendonco will join us for our LIVE @TheSoup tonight. She's as funny as funny gets. 10/7E!
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Watch your backs, infomercial hosts. @TheSoup Live starts in just 5 minutes.
Tonight, we're covering "Dance Moms" and a whole lot of "Tales From Home Shopping." An all-new @TheSoup starts in just 15 minutes!
Catch a new live @TheSoup with special guest @wendimclendonco tonight at 10pm ET | 7pm PT
Big thank you again to the talented @Lil_Henstridge for stopping by, catch @AgentsofSHIELD Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC
You guys I think Gayusa thinks we're E! News and honestly that's not okay.
Oh Gay USA you really have no idea what @TheSoup the is about
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We tried to find some happy photos of Kris and Bruce during their marriage. Key word: tried.…
In case you want to feel even weirder about Red and his weird wife:… (warning: ew)
An all-new @TheSoup with #AgentsofSHIELD star @Lil_Henstridge starts in just 5 minutes on E!
A new @TheSoup starts in just 15 minutes. "Gayusa" has responded to us. You're going to want to tune in.
The easy-on-the-eyes @Lil_Henstridge from @AgentsofSHIELD will make funny time on @TheSoup tonight LIVE. 10pmEastern E!. LIVE I say.
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TONIGHT: We dive deep into Utopia with the help of @Lil_Henstridge. Tune in for a new @TheSoup live at 10pm ET | 7pm PT
So this is what it feels like, when doves cry
And a big thanks to @mariamenounos, catch her as always on E! News and Untold:
Thanks as well to @perlmutations, whose memoir "Easy Street (the Hard Way)" you can get here:
Thanks again to @kingsthings, catch "Larry King Now" on Ora.Tv:
Actually is the official site of the show.
We're thinking of "Everything Including Menounos" as the new tagline for our show.
What's going on with pageant contestants and wild animals?
We're LIVE with special guests Larry King and Ron Perlman, starting in just 15 minutes on E!
Join us tonight for an all-new @TheSoup as we lose our faith in humanity thanks to "Extreme Guide to Parenting." Tune in 10pm ET | 7pm PT
So looking forward to spending some quality time with my good good buddy Joel Mchale in whatever Soup…
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Tonight, we're joined by @perlmutations and @kingsthings for a LIVE episode of @TheSoup! Tune in 10pm ET | 7pm PT
Thanks again to @ADAMDEVINE for giving about 183% more effort into the show than we do. Watch "Adam Devine's House Party" on Comedy Central!
Is this an animated GIF or a still image? Impossible to tell.
Yeah, let's lock someone in a house with this guy. He seems normal.
Congratulations on your sucky baby Kelly!
Why is that little boy stripping on that awards show?!
Our "reality" show clips tonight somehow include a dragon and a guy in a shark costume. Join us, won't you? New @TheSoup starts in 5 mins
New @TheSoup starts in just 10 minutes, featuring guest star @ADAMDEVINE of Workaholics!
.@joelmchale kidnapped me and forced me to do @TheSoup. Jk it's just a bit we did. Check us on The Soup LIVE. 10/9E!
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Tonight: "Utopia," some Clippos, and maybe even a little more Gayusa on an all-new @TheSoup LIVE. Tune in at 10pm ET | 7pm PT
Tonight at 10 ET | 7 PT we have the very funny @ADAMDEVINE on the show. We're gonna show him Real Housewives. We're sorry in advance, Adam.
Some really good Joan stories from writers @KellsLevy and @FarberLee
We were lucky enough to have Joan Rivers on the show. Here's one of our favorite moments: