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The Soup
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Clip of the Day: "HLN Now" anchor seems to think these are giraffes. Watch here —>
This Cops criminal might be a LITTLE overdramatic, courtesy of @TheSoup:
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Anybody know who to call to get a book banned?
We got a bunch of scare fails for you in our new gallery:
Joel says cable news can stop freaking out about #Ebola. Rob Corddry disagrees.…
Kendall & Kylie Jenner were right next to Malala on Time's list of Influential Teens, and Joel is disgusted.… #TheSoup
The acorns look different in Colorado these days.
The Vermont Gubernatorial debates are getting weird.…
And that's how I found out funeral homes give group discounts. #WorstJeopardyStory
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"After much thought I decided to flush it. American History for 200 please, Alex." #WorstJeopardyStory
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"...And that's when I realized we really DON'T need feminism." #WorstJeopardyStory #thesoup
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@TheSoup I used to star in a show called 7th Heaven. #worstjeopardystory
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"And then it turns out that the Wayans brothers are just DRESSED like white chicks" #WorstJeopardyStory
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Couldn't watch @TheSoup live because I was at a Bill Nye lecture (cuz I'm cool) but, I've got a picture for you:
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@TheSoup .... And that's why I will always wear pants on the buffet line now. #WorstJeopardyStory
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Thanks for playing, everyone. We sincerely hope none of you ever end up on Jeopardy.
@TheSoup Then I woke up in a Columbian Morgue and said never mixing heroin and speed again,also hi to mygreat AuntEdna. #WorstJeopardyStory
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@TheSoup "You might be surprised to hear this, but I am appearing on a show called Jeopardy today." #WorstJeopardyStory
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@TheSoup "And that was the best fantasy golf move I ever made." #WorstJeopardyStory
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@TheSoup By the time we found the shovel, he had come to and crawled way. Anyhoo, I'll take Modern Dance for 200. #WorstJeopardyStory
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And I still haven't gotten a refund from Fleshlight. #WorstJeopardyStory
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"...and then I went Knight-to-King-5 and checkmate! '2000's TV' for $400, please?" #WorstJeopardyStory
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You mean #Best RT @NerdstheWord214 looked at my kingdom I was finally there to sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel-Air #WorstJeopardyStory
@TheSoup "So I found out that "licensed twerker" is another way of saying '"stripper". Women's History for #200". #WorstJeopardyStory
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@TheSoup friends and I played table tennis and I heard my wrist pop so we iced it, and uh, turns out nothing was wrong #WorstJeopardyStory
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"So I said, 'Looks like we're getting a second Quiznos.' Man, we cracked up...Let's play some Jeopardy." #WorstJeopardyStory @TheSoup
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"So I ended up teaching my Pikachu 'Slam' and I think that really made a big difference in the long run" #WorstJeopardyStory
"One thing lead to another and the last I remember was saying DONKA DOOBALLS to a police officer" #WorstJeopardyStory @TheSoup
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"...and that's when I realized that I can get more cereal in if I use a bigger spoon!" #WorstJeopardyStory @TheSoup
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"Long story short, I watched three episodes of Two and a Half Men that night." #WorstJeopardyStory @TheSoup
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"Anyway I guess I learned that you shouldn't expose yourself on school property. Uh, U.S. Capitals for $200 please?" #WorstJeopardyStory
"So it turns out I had the keys in my hand the whole time! Man. Highlight of my sad, sad life." #WorstJeopardyStory
Thanks again to @robcorddry! Catch "Newsreaders" on @adultswim, it's insanely funny.
We hope that cat made it out okay. #FreeSweetPotato
"And that's how I found out I had herpes! Anyway I'll take Potent Potables for $400 please" #WorstJeopardyStory
"So anyway, we just buried the hooker at the local park" #WorstJeopardyStory
Here's that Jeopardy story again:…
@TheSoup I don't know who is the scenestealer @robcorddry or that Vermont miner #TheSoupLive
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You know what this means, right? It means she's afraid of Chicken Tetrazzini. Shame. #TheSoup #ChickenTetrazzini
Nothing about this says "good sign" #TheSoup
Seriously, half of them look like they're on Duck Dynasty. #TheSoup
Helpful reminder that this is Shep's "favorite picture of the day" #TheSoup
Creamy phobias, some Shep gold, and maybe even a Cat From Hell, all on a new #TheSoup starting in just 5 minutes on E!
All-new LIVE episode of #TheSoup with @robcorddry starts in just 15 minutes on E!