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Kristina Crimson
You're gonna burn your goddamned mouth on that microwave burrito
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Our Webisodes are coming soon! Subscribe to YouTube so you don't miss out. #ManouMusic
Today I saw a trash truck on fire, and a bunch of twelve year olds told me I was hot. Hmm. Just a day in the life...
Show tonight ✌️ 🎸
πŸ‘ What is this... the shadow puppet emoji?
Pre-Emmy Awards Party at the W Hotel was a blast. #MANOU
Our guitarist Raz wanted a photo together because we "matched" ...the guitarists of the band know whats up. πŸ‘Œ
About to get ready for a pre-emmy party at the W
Just got to the show. Bout to rock out
Today Im going to a meeting at City Walk. Then playing a show. Then driving to Hollywood. ☺️ My day is fulllll
Guys. I got a VENUS FLY TRAP.
Who knew that being assaulted by a bucket of freezing ice water could steal your breath away.
Sang on a track for Manou today. Didn't ever think I would be saying that, but here we are. 😜 Gotta always challenge yourself.
Today is studio day. ✌️
People who require constant attention are exhausting πŸ˜… Sorry I have a life. Don't have time to sit on my phone.
last night's philosophical conversation about God was challenging & interesting. love non-superficial conversations that make you think πŸ‘
While on stage on the other side of a window @ the venue, a man got down on one knee and "proposed" thru a series of gestures. So funny. πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
Someone send help. My hair is has turned into it's own alien life form
I'm taking my grandma to lunch before playing a rock show. Never too cool for grandma. 😌
Today's show day kids. Getting ready to rock the stage with platinum pop rock star MANOU
I def just pulled a muscle jumping around. #old πŸ‘΅
Hi friends! I would love it if you went over to my facebook and liked my page :)… We have a lot of big announcements!
That time my friend @rapsallion was in a #Bayside video and didn't tell anyone. #Follow this kid. He is talented.
Does anyone know if Jesse Spencer is still with Band from TV? (Asking for a friend) ;)
Hollywood has been a traffic jam for days from all of the fans visiting #RobinWilliams star.⭐️ #RIPRobinWilliams
So sad seeing photos of #RobinWilliams in the last few weeks. Looked so unhappy.
I'm watching @BearGrylls hand feed Channing Tatum little bits of scorpion. "Here, have a claw too"
Wish I could have given Robin Williams a hug. So sad.
Drummers and guitarist in California, MESSAGE ME.
I made a video for our band. Special Agent Manou is at it again ;)…
To hope for what you have seen is not hope - Romans 8:24
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We are playing an ALL AGES show next Friday in the VooDoo Lounge at @Houseof_Blues info:
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My idea of a fun evening involves going over to my friend's house and brainstorming marketing ideas.
My email accounts are cluttered with music industry spam. Venue dates I didn't ask for, chart rankings, unsolicited EPKs... #overkill