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Kristina Crimson
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I have a terrible habit of dating touring musicians. I need a 12 step program.
I don't even know what to say about it. #gutted
I had the worst show of my life yesterday.
Guys. @brewcitybigwig is the best. I want you to know that.
To me, twitter is just a place to deliver random, pointless, stream of consciousness thoughts.
Will someone explain the purpose of twitter to me?
I gave away my lucky pick to a kid at the anti-bullying event today.
What's happening on Dec 4th? MANOU at Los Globos in Hollywood! Raw Artist Event. #manou #RAWArtists
I want to cover a Jimmy Eat World song with @RazAzraai
With the bass spins, always turn to your right. You're less likely to hit someone that way.
Clips from last nights show in Costa Mesa with the band!
Where's my coffin. I'm sickly. If someone wants to get a head start and lower me into the ground that would be great.
Holy sickness, batman. 😷
This is what happens when you ask me to play pool. #imakemyownrules
Im not a fan of facebook
Prefacing your compliment with "I usually only like blondes but" doesn't ever get you anywhere. ✌️
@iamthekristina Lets do it. Acoustic guitar. Iphone video. Brains with poor memory to remember lyrics. Oh and start with the wrong chord.!!
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No show on Friday. The booker bailed. Looks like it's a day off.
I'm at the gym trying to get in shape for our live shows. All that jumping around, you know.
We also have a show this Friday in Van Nuys, Sunday in Costa Mesa, the 15th in LA, and Dec 4th in Hollywood.
The band had a sold out show at a 2,000 capacity venue! FACE fashion show was badass. #MANOU
Come watch us perform if ur down at the costs Mesa area:) we will be performing our new unreleased single!!
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Terrible quality but it's all I've got.
Jeramy captured this crazy video of me after band rehearsal last night 😜
Us monsters are powered by @MonsterEnergy. As you can see, Mr. Mortimer Spooks was very thirsty. Happy Halloween.
New single coming soon! Follow @ManouOeschger to be one of the firsts to hear it! #ManouMusic
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Band Rehearsal tonight, practicing our moves for the show on Saturday
"You are retardedly creative" -@RazAzraai
Tearing up my fingers in preparation for the FACE Runway Fashion Show this Sat @ 8PM! Performing with MANOU!
#LosAngeles are you ready for the Face Runway Fashion Show on Nov 1? Tickets are now live - #FashionShow
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Typical hangs with Rufus the Ram, Henrietta the Boar, and Timmy the... Tim. #taxidermy 🐏🐗�
Cleaning my room and went through things and found this from years ago! @iamthekristina
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