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Kristina Crimson
I have a couple days off. I'm going to audition for a secret music project
Also, it's very early. Good morning
This morning I am playing a high school student on The Arrangement. I'm 27.
Missing out on my friend's show tonight bc I have to leave at 4am for work. Booo
Just hanging out with Alan and Manou! About to record some video! #video #music #manou #weird #funny #dumb ...
Just finished watching an incredible piece of art from @MattSilver. He makes amazing music videos. Crazy good.
Oh well. Excited to see my friend's band on Friday. Looking forward to the weekend. ☺️
Just got home at 3am, scheduled to be back on set at 6:30am. Labor laws anyone?
"Your unhappiness with the world has to do more with you than the world" -Drew Gerald
I'm a bad girl, cause I don't even miss him. I'm a bad girl, for breaking his heart. Now I'm freeee. Free fallin'
Thanks to @ManouOeschger and their music I stopped smoking. I sing to the songs when I have an urge, it keeps me off. @iamthekristina
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must... find... caffeine...
It now marks the 12th hour of work. Shall we proceed onto lucky number 13? #sleepdeprivation
Well, looks like we lost a few of the talent. Face down, passed out on the moldy carpet. The room is humming with snores & labored breaths
Can I just say that I have survived the day without any caffeine.
@madisontrimble @ManouTeam @iamthekristina can't wait for u to hear our new song:) will be released very soon πŸ˜€
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@ManouOeschger @ManouTeam @iamthekristina ah! I'm excited! I've been showing everyone the music and all of them seem to like the songs!
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I've been here since 6 am in Long Beach, we have yet to start working. It's 9am.
I guess we are shooting Marvel: Agents of Shield today
thank you all for being so encouraging and supportive of me over the years. you are always uplifting and never negative. πŸ’œ
The band I am in has been added to the Dirtbag Clothing website. It's official. 😁
#throwback to when this guy surprised me by showing up at our concert. I love surprises. ☺️
Life is good. 😎
My dog has an audition. I don't believe people when they say getting acting jobs is hard.
I am either directly or indirectly told that I am not skinny enough at all of these jobs. Might as well hand me a bottle of diet pills.
I feel like the band needs a @MonsterEnergy endorsement before we head off to tour in Europe
One more hour until I am released
Day 3, stranded in the Fox lot. food and water are scarce... I'm starting to befriend the stray cats.
I arrived at the Fox Studios lot today at 6:15am. I am still here at 6:07pm. I have two more hours to go. WILL I MAKE IT
And I am bored on set, while the talent is stuck here in the holding area.
I'm playing a Forensic Lab Technician today on the set of Bones.
I want to know a really weird fact about you that no one else knows.
Does anyone use twitter anymore?
Has anyone seen those light up boxes that bands jump off of?
I need your help! If we win, we perform on Jimmy KIMMEL! Create an account & follow our page on here to help us win!
"I don't care about my make up, I like it better with my jeans all ripped up" @AvrilLavigne πŸ’€