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Good Morning peopleee.❤
Good Mooooooooooooooooooooorniiiiiiiiiiing.
Wish ya'll a great day.Take care, peace.
What's up world :o
Guess who's back?
Giving up something to achieve something new? I have nothing to give up, but I will achieve something anyway!
What are you guys listening to? I'm currently listening to: Eminem - You're never over Check it out! ;)
Feels like I got into writers block. I can't do nothing anymore.. Not even a catchy melody/beat. Damnit. Somebody help me out QQ
Checking the DMs every day in case @TheScript_Danny replied. #NeverLoseHope
How many #Retweets can a random Tweet get? :-O
What's up #TheScriptFamily? How's your day? Hope the sun's shining at you too xx
Well I might be not the most interesting person but.. No but, that's all.
Check these talented guys out! @Sonsofmidnight You will love them! Become a fan and support! #SonsOfMidnight
If you see kay..
WHat's up everybody?
Anyone up for a chat?:D
#TheScriptFamily #Retweet and #Follow other Scriptettes and Scriptons out there! ;-)
Which track of #3 are you listening atm? #TheScriptFamily
#TheScriptFamily It's time to show our love and passion for @thescript!! Help them win the shortyaward! VOTE HERE:
I nominate @thescript for a Shorty Award in #band because there is no other band so close to their fans as they are!…
I nominate @thescript for a Shorty Award in #band because we are one family! #TheScriptFamily…
#TheScriptFamily #RETWEET and #FOLLOW each other so we're all connected! Much love xx
I write inspiring stuff and people start unfollowing.. And when I didn't tweet something for month people kept following. :DDDD
I know one day I'll be walking on a red carpet next to some of you ;) Yeah I mean YOU. You know you can do anything! #nevergiveup
I want you guys to know, that i suck at anything. But I'm not gonna give up finding something I am good at, support me and watch me succeed!
I nominate @thescript for a Shorty Award in #band because they're the most talented guys in the world.…
How are you guys? What's everyone doing?..Me? Well I'm just listening music :3
Tomorrow - My light might changes. In a good or a bad way ;)
You gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything @thescript @TheScript_Danny <3 xx
everybody want the key and the secret to rap immortality like I have got / ...… #MMLP2Lyrics #RAPGOD
from the beginning it wasn’t bout the ends/it was ‘bout bustin’ raps and st...… #MMLP2Lyrics #SURVIVAL @Eminem
Verse 1 / I used to be the type of kid that, would always think the sky is...… #MMLP2Lyrics #LEGACY