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Roland Thomas
Hi @vnrnirmalraj, Many thanks for the share! Have a fantastic weekend!
Finding the real talent in you, required to honestly know yourself. Choose who you truly are and where you truly belong to. #yourcareerchat
Sometimes attitude beat education! #yourcareerchat
Never be afraid to show a little determination.
Learn to appreciate what you have before time forces you to appreciate what you had. #yourcareerchat
Nothing can ruin better your rigorously planned day than the distraction. #yourcareerchat
37 Experts Share Their Best Personal Branding Tips For Entrepreneurs… @NavidMoazzez #PersonalBranding
Your failure is one of the biggest teacher in life if you ready to listen to it! #yourcareerchat
Never let your fears get bigger than your dreams! #yourcareerchat
The Biggest Risk in Life is Not Taking Risks! #yourcareerchat
When we ask the wrong questions, we shall receive the wrong answers, which will then misdirect us to the wrong solutions. #yourcareerchat
Keep in your mind during the time you work on the Job Search Campaign, things rarely go according to plan. #yourcareerchat
If you don't like the life what you live, it's because you spent too much time to worry about things what you don't want. #yourcareerchat