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Im not be from the hood, but I'm from the city & in the city we have a dialect that you don't need to be from the hood to understand
This peach tea is on hit though
I wish I could take a picture of my screen so you could see what "all-bad" looks like because this here es no bueno
I shouldn't be able to guess what you had for dinner the night before from my desk
Who's the genius that decided the employee bathroom should be inside the office? Like why can't it be across the hallway?
Avocados are Avacadelicious 😍
Begin your day with good intentions.
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You thought the apple elfs was gone slide n fix it last night?…
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This is life changing. I never cracked screen before
Went to sleep, my screen was cracked. woke up- my screen is still cracked 😔
That's so true. It'll be Friday night and I'll be like "I'm staying in the house tonight, I have work Monday morning" 😂😂😂
Metropolitan Art & Tech really gave me that edge on Dreamweaver
I was nice with the HTML codes and div layouts
I should start charging for this... Just like I should've charged for designing MySpace pages 😩
experience. Keep it short, and clean
Like I get you want to make your resume lengthy but potential employers don't have time to sift through multipage resumes with irrelevant
If youre applying for a job at a day care, they dont need to see that you were a bottle service girl 😂
I hate when ppl ask eme to do their resume and then get mad when I take half their job experience off of it as if I wasn't a hotel manager
I like being a real estate agent, and now that I think about it, I'll stay in this field. SF is a money mine right now
When I get content with a job I grow bored quickly. Idk if it's because I'm a fast learner or I've yet to find my real passion
Think that's the next move
I want a motorcycle
Bitches out here having babies with niggas who don't take care of their first born. Good luck 😂
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A Taste Of Africa from the Berkeley Flea Market is soooooooo good
there is honestly no reason to lie to me. I’m too understanding. I get shit. I get life. I know that shit happens. just be straight up w/ me
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Dont ever compromise your happiness or sanity for somebody who is not on your level mentally, spiritually, intellectually or is unmotivated
Mommas boys are content with living off females and always will, no changing that
Cant call shots or feel frustrated because they feel less than a man. I real man will overcome and find a way to provide on his own
I don't understand men who make less than their woman, live off them, drive their car yet pay no bills and get upset because they cant
Whats there to loose when you piggyback off of other people and don't have the smarts to negotiate for yourself? You never really gained
How are you calling shots when you have no money?
Most units sold in my first month of employment for June 2015. When your family supports you, nobody can deny you
If only weekends were two days longer
Thinking about driving Über for a little extra cash this summer? Sign up here and get $300 after your first 20 rides…
This parade needs to hurry up and pass my office 😩#TooMuchNoisee#MeNoLikeyy
Im in love with Super Duper Burger 😍
I love how everybody at my new job are pranksters 😂

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