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Leaving Miami
Airport 😩
@imxavier: 1 more day till my birthday”Our Bday 😻😻😻💕💕 T'🆙
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Im goooood
@King_goldchain: “@imxavier: 1 more day till my birthday”what you tryna do lil nigga”I'm not gonna here
@xo_Jellyt: I wish #oomf would hmu”@@
About to be chilling on the Island with a drink 👌
1 more day till my birthday
Hard to move on when you always regret one
@imxavier: I was a savage in elementary school😂�” chill
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@joselyn_x33: @imxavier yeah for a couple days cause I gotta house out there how long you staying for?”13😒
@joselyn_x33: @imxavier july 20th 😛”July 6th 😋 resort or nah!?
Do you ever wonder😳💭 if anyone ever reads your Twitter📱 everyday just to check up on you? 😯👀
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She gay👯 He gay👬 She a hoe🙆 She pregnant👼👶👱👦 He sell drugs💸🍃 They smoke weed💋🍃 They drunk🍺 WHO Cares?! LEAVE PPL TF ALONE ITS THEIR LIFE!💯
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When it's REAL💍💯 ... THEY ⬅️ gon make sure that you KNOW😘
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😂😂😊 My feelings💘💔 DONT get hurt cos I DONT🙅 HAVE ANY💁😘💋 IDC how the next feels OR what they do! Living MY life thru MY eyes👀💗🌌
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@joselyn_x33: I wanna be in DR already 😩🌴😍”RFT 😩 when u going
Cant change my header
@Shine_BrightX0: @imxavier @JheneAiko is there an eye on her forehead?”edit on her Instagram pic lol
Eye on her forehead tho 😐
Keep it woozy
When the money coming in everybody wanna be your friend
Shoutout to all my niggas man
If you aint gonna body it dont buy it
Why text me to not respond 😂😂✌️
When a white kid shooting up the school and he let you live because you said he was your nigga
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thank you, 😘@imxavierr: 🎀😛 your cute and all😬”
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🎀😛 your cute and all😬
🎀your quiet in school
👩🔥 Your header 👌😂 but you seem cool
💜💄your pretty hmu
Who Birthday In July 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋
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@imxavier @BigWormShowsOff 😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😂😂😩😫😩😩😭😂😭😂😂😭😭😂
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😎😎 im boutta buy that belt if its still there
@BigElDa_God: @imxavier wat happen on IG 😂😂😂”let me find it lol
Yall dont know about tht
Told my ex im moving on to better things
Keep sending emojis
@vivalebri: @imxavier idek niggas corny . I'm not worried bout it 😴”lol word
🙊👣💃 so short and cute
💁✨woah stranger
💩🔥💥why niggas do that to you on Instagram lol Your cool tho