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Leaving Miami
@imxavier: 1 more day till my birthday”Our Bday 😻😻😻💕💕 T'🆙
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@King_goldchain: “@imxavier: 1 more day till my birthday”what you tryna do lil nigga”I'm not gonna here
@xo_Jellyt: I wish #oomf would hmu”@@
About to be chilling on the Island with a drink 👌
1 more day till my birthday
Hard to move on when you always regret one
@imxavier: I was a savage in elementary school😂�” chill
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@joselyn_x33: @imxavier yeah for a couple days cause I gotta house out there how long you staying for?”13😒
@joselyn_x33: @imxavier july 20th 😛”July 6th 😋 resort or nah!?
Do you ever wonder😳💭 if anyone ever reads your Twitter📱 everyday just to check up on you? 😯👀
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She gay👯 He gay👬 She a hoe🙆 She pregnant👼👶👱👦 He sell drugs💸🍃 They smoke weed💋🍃 They drunk🍺 WHO Cares?! LEAVE PPL TF ALONE ITS THEIR LIFE!💯
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When it's REAL💍💯 ... THEY ⬅️ gon make sure that you KNOW😘
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😂😂😊 My feelings💘💔 DONT get hurt cos I DONT🙅 HAVE ANY💁😘💋 IDC how the next feels OR what they do! Living MY life thru MY eyes👀💗🌌
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@joselyn_x33: I wanna be in DR already 😩🌴😍”RFT 😩 when u going
Cant change my header
@Shine_BrightX0: @imxavier @JheneAiko is there an eye on her forehead?”edit on her Instagram pic lol
Eye on her forehead tho 😐