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Ryan Higa
If Spongebob and Patrick did the fusion technique.
Missing this cutie.. @juliensolomita.. not the dog.
Anyone else have "friends" constantly trying to get you to join their pyramid schemes? -_-
Also, happy birthday to another one of my favorite Filipino friends that can do backflips, is a part of dmi, named Jerel and living with Green. @jmocak #soParkourse?
Happy early bday @jennamarbles!! Thanks for letting us crash and mess up your house too.. @juliensolomita
How bad do u wanna punch this guy?
Anyone play Destiny yet? How is it?
Sad part bout the Ray Rice footage is that he's probably gonna claim self defense since he was "backed into a corner" and she came at him.
@TheRealRyanHiga wizard, duh. That way you could turn yourself into the other options if you wanted to
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@TheRealRyanHiga Team Lamp because it shines light on my dark days
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@TheRealRyanHiga Team Ninja! Because Then I Could Be A Sneaky Little Devil
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Team Pirate, Ninja, Vampire, Werewolf, Wizard, Zerg, Terran, Protoss, or Any Others? What would you choose and why? #QOTD
Went to to the happiest place on earth with the happiest people on earth!…
Douches. @fujiyosean
Lol nearly 90K people took the quiz already.. what'd you guys get?
@TheRealRyanHiga 😂😂 Oh Ryan your videos never fail to make me laugh
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If you're looking for a relationship, here's your solution :)…
@TheRealRyanHiga "it's so great how you can wear slutty clothes without worrying what people think of you"
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@TheRealRyanHiga I don't think I've said anything that mean, but someone once told me "I wish Your family got ass cancer."
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What's the douchiest thing you've ever said or done to someone? #QOTD
New I Dare You episode up on HigaTV! Http://
New HigaTV Dare video uploading shortly :)
#AskFrozen How you guys film the cartoons w/ so much ice every place? Did it hard to keep the camera warm? I bet groot was funny lololol
This was also on the hike.. It was rumored to be haunted so I took a pic, but I couldn't find anything.
Went on a hike this past weekend and took this picture. I'm officially deep.
Friends. @dainabobaina
If you can figure out where in Disneyland this is, you win. @slopsmcgee @willshayhan
It may look weird, it may smell weird.. But at least it taste like grass shavings! #lunch #jealous?
Saw some illumi-nonsense on the Indian jones ride at Disneyland..
Sean and I shoot real guns for the first time in the desert known as de_dust.…
Workout level: Bane