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Ryan Higa
Airplane flights, gotta catch em all.
Repost from our show in Jakarta. I don't actually play the guitar, I just bring it on stage to look cooler in pics.
Hopefully @iisuperwomanii premonition doesn't come true haha.. #NoTsunamisWelcome #SheratonBali
Thank you Sheraton for the suite sweet! #SheratonBali
I woke up like this. #repost 😂
Just landed in Bali to find out we just passed 13M lamps!! Thank you for all your tweets and artwork! You guys rock!! <3 #Lamps
At least my eyes packed their bags.. Later Jakartyholes! #bali
So great meeting all of you in Jakarta! Now off to Bali to play with some monkeys! ✈️🙈🙉🙊💩💃💃👯
Went with @TheRealRyanHiga to his meet & greet. It was so awesome meeting everyone. You truly made my trip 😍
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Awake for breakfast!? @dereleektv @willshayhan
So when I was eating sushi for dinner I ordered natto and GOOD LORD it was aweful! @TheRealRyanHiga
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Already got to see some familiar faces! Thank you guys for coming out from Singapore!
Just arrived in Japan and met up with @davidchoimusic! Heading over to Jakarta soon! :) @dereleektv @willshayhan
Gonna be my first time going to Jakarta tomorrow, with @DereLeektv and @WillShayhan! Can't wait to meet you guys! :)
New SEAN'S Room coming to HigaTV today! :) @FujiYoSean
"Sometimes in life you have to make a decision and choose a path... Filter or no filter?"
I grew up listening to this guy.. Hawaiian music legend Baba B! @bababmusic
"Insert deep quote"
Great family dinner! Huge thank you to @ZenshinAsianRestaurant for hooking us up the food and room!
First time getting married and hopefully many more to come!! #ThingsYouDontWannaHearAtAWedding
Filming with @kinagrannis! Coming soon!
Anyone else go back and rewatch really old tv shows that you watched growing up? #dragonball
@TheRealRyanHiga:SURPRISING @Jenna_Marbles…” freakin' dope crew, dance & vid. Way cool u guys. Love u all.
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Not my usual type of video, but hope you guys still like it! SURPRISING Jenna Marbles @Jenna_Marbles…
Watch us play Tim Tam Jenga on the new TEEHEE TIME!…
If Spongebob and Patrick did the fusion technique.
Missing this cutie.. @juliensolomita.. not the dog.
Anyone else have "friends" constantly trying to get you to join their pyramid schemes? -_-
Also, happy birthday to another one of my favorite Filipino friends that can do backflips, is a part of dmi, named Jerel and living with Green. @jmocak #soParkourse?
Happy early bday @jennamarbles!! Thanks for letting us crash and mess up your house too.. @juliensolomita
How bad do u wanna punch this guy?
Anyone play Destiny yet? How is it?
Sad part bout the Ray Rice footage is that he's probably gonna claim self defense since he was "backed into a corner" and she came at him.
@TheRealRyanHiga wizard, duh. That way you could turn yourself into the other options if you wanted to
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@TheRealRyanHiga Team Lamp because it shines light on my dark days
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