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Ryan Higa
If you can figure out where in Disneyland this is, you win. @slopsmcgee @willshayhan
It may look weird, it may smell weird.. But at least it taste like grass shavings! #lunch #jealous?
Saw some illumi-nonsense on the Indian jones ride at Disneyland..
Sean and I shoot real guns for the first time in the desert known as de_dust.…
Workout level: Bane
Quite possibly one of my favorite I DARE YOU episodes yet!…
Uploading a new I DARE YOU on nigahiga.. this may be my favorite one yet :)
I call this my sick Japanese tourist look.. w/ @slopsmcgee
Some people will find any reason to turn something positive into a negative.. Ice bucket challenge up on HigaTV. Http://
To all the people saying that the Ice Bucket Challenge is "wasting water" you better be pissing and pooping while u shower every night.
After much request and tags.. here is my ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE:…
YEE! the Collabs are back! Check out @TheRealRyanHiga new FWP pt.2!!! Sadly, I definitely say these things sometimes…
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First World Problems(pt.2): @TheRealRyanHiga new vid Help a soul Help us all Fwp is a serious thing please just help
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The processing on this new video has been at 95% for 15 minutes now :( #fwp
Praise cheesus! RT @d_TRIX HERE IT IS! 6 Large Pizzas in 10 Min CHALLENGE! ft. @TheRealRyanHiga @FujiYoSean…
HERE IT IS! 6 Large Pizzas in 10 Min CHALLENGE! ft. @TheRealRyanHiga @FujiYoSean and some other of your FAVORITES!…
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Anyone remember this picture? #flashbackfriday
Anyone else remember these? #tbt
I don't usually tweet/post or even think much about celebrity deaths, but Robin Williams has really been bothering me for the past few days.
I'm glad one of us is comfortable..
After much request and due to sheer boredom, Parkourse (Ep.2) is finally up!…
Having "heaps" of fun in the club!!
@TheRealRyanHiga confirmed it! He'll come just for you in #TCIAF. Don't miss this chance to meet him personally :D
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I don't even know what this is from or why the quality is so bad but this is my only picture with @maryerika for some reason.. Happy bday!! #unflatteringphotos
Uploaded a new vlog! My Unpopular Opinion on CYBER BULLYING!…
Finally confirmed to go to Indonesia! TCIAF, Sept 28, get your tickets at See you all soon!! :D
Whoa... Kyrie, Love, LeBron!? That's almost as dangerous as Patty, Manu, Diaw . @spurs #2ndstring
Ever been on the computer so long that your eyes start to feel like they're rapidly shaking back and forth? What dat is..?
Random life hack. No matter how terrible or sad you feel, force yourself to smile, even if you're crying. Trust me, it helps.