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Remedy Da Franchise
rap hiphop music writers 2,977 followers
@DRoyale: @therealremedy thank you so much! I'm proud of you as well!!” ;) long ways from ucf days!!! Lol #progression
Early mornings and long nights... We young so the time is now! Andre Brown
I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others
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Im here for a reason...God do not make mistakes!!
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*sigh* this microphone is not doing it for me anymore... Any recommendations my fellow #studioheads...
Who is going to Queens of The OZONE on September 5?
#Producers been hitting the inbox heavy with #instrumentals I'm trying to get back to u all from #biz #beats
There are people who do want you to be successful. Do not let those who are unhappy with themselves overshadow...
The thing I like about being active is that there is less time for my mind to wander and question the ways of...
It's a crazy feeling when a person has the power to touch your soul ... Emotions r temporary but destiny is...
New challenges bring about new opportunities
[New Music] It Ain’t Nothin By @therealremedy (Remedy Da Franchise) Ft. @OfficialVITA (Vita)
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"U can't make yourself happy bringing misery to other people...." don't operate with a heart of malice... Reflect and redirect
Truth be told.... Perfection depends on who you ask. It's subjective and varies... I'm learning more and more...
Literally watching somebody go through what could be your experience is bone chilling... I thank God it ain't me...
@MYKKOMONTANA: Moving on is difficult...but give it to God & let it Be🙌”#thatpartt
Not Carrying extra luggage i cant maintain ...2Focused on my career as i should stay tune God is in Motion #Aug21inLabor
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Forgive Forget...pray & live life To short i want waste 1% on negative we have so much to live for🔝🔝
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@MYKKOMONTANA: 80% of things ppl text...they would never say in person...think about it👤💭” naaaaaah lol