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Still sick, I could've stayed home -_-
I just heard about joey klett, My heart goes out to his family, rest in peace bro..
The future generation is truly disappointing. I saw 3 kids about the age of 10-12 calling each other "faggot,...
Ridiculously cold down here this morning.. Florida smh 󾌦 but on the other hand haha told you uncle Bac it's cold down here!
Imma make 2014 my year. The world will know soon.
Don't do the "New Years, New Me" crap if you ain't gonna follow through with your words.
Happy New Years everyone! All the mistakes and problems that happened before are just memories now, focus on the 2024 and make it your year.
Hold up, how come on instagram yu following more followers than what you have? Shit make yu look desperate af. Naw don't do tht.
I love this place, delicious food, beautiful women everywhere
I hate lil Wayne -_- nd they blastin his music in this car
Chilling with my brothers, no where to go everywhere closed, except some restaurants, no money tho lml
O.O uh coincidence? More followers please I don't want that amount
6 year olds getting iPhones now 😐
Treating my family out for Christmas breakfast, the gift of pancakes, what's better than that? Lml
It's a Christmas miracle!!! My dad somehow heard me I'm in, goodnight facebook.
Okay.. I stomped the porch, knocked on the door, punched the wall, knocked Louder than before, and no ones waking up.
How can I wake up my parents without disturbing my sisters when they're in the same damn room? I know I know I did...
Merry Christmas to me, I'm locked out, parents sleeping, I lost my keys so I can't get in.