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God dun nominated everybody today 🙌
Studio with my goonz this is our trap house 🙌
Do it for the vine dropping Tomoz @Paigey_Cakey STAY TUNED!!⭕️
I'm nominating all my ex girlfriends for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge 😁
I thought I was gonna be in the cut this summer man 😩🙅😭
I am on my phone 24/7 so why the fuck would you ask to borrow my phone for a call ... Moveee
Loool I can't believe this holiday didn't bang 😩
Karrueche is a real one. You think I could let my boyfriend switch between me& his ex every few months? Not me uno 😂😂
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A positive mind set will get you far in life✨
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Brighter colours look nicer on darker skin imo
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I can't wait to buy that winter jacket that's just 💯
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I'm not addicted to the weed it's just apart of my day 🙌
Have you ever been vex for no reason
Nyshybandanna - Winning (Produced by venture808)… via @YouTube
Boys only worry about the latest clothes, shoes and tattoos! Real men worry about work, bills, rent, and education.
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